Kemp: Positive trends continue in battle against virus

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said he continues to see positive signs in the state’s battle against the coronavirus, even as the state's death toll from the virus surpassed 1,500.
Kemp said Wednesday that Georgia has the lowest number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals — 1,094 — since April 8. Kemp said the number of patients on ventilators has also dropped to 873.
Kemp eased a few restrictions this week on businesses and child care operations, but said he was keeping most current rules until at least the end of May.
The governor reiterated that he believes Georgia is containing the COVID-19 respiratory illness, despite areas of concern.
Georgia has reported more than 35,400 confirmed cases overall and at least 1,518 confirmed deaths from the virus. Bartow County has reported, according to Department of Public Health data, 377 cases, 128 hospitalizations and 35 deaths.
Top health experts continue to warn that loosening restrictions too quickly could spark a resurgence of infections. Kemp has captured nationwide attention with his reopening moves because they were among the earliest and most aggressive.
— The Associated Press contributed to this report.