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Taylor Swift: The life story you may not know

Vivid Seats has compiled a timeline of Taylor Swift's life, focusing on the remarkable milestones many fans might not be aware of.

Live entertainment is back: The secret behind the most thrilling events

(BPT) - Live events bring audiences worldwide a level of excitement unequal to anything else. Whether a concert, sporting event or action-driven event that draws a crowd, there are primal reasons …

Filmmaker Turns Loss into Award-Winning Documentary

(NewsUSA) - The award-winning documentary, “Adapting to Dive,” follows filmmaker David Marsh on a transformational journey. Marsh lost his son to an opioid overdose on Thanksgiving, one week …

Best movies about couples on the run

Criminal lovers going on the run have inspired movies since 1937. Stacker highlights the top 25 films about these thrilling couples. 

Sequels that made fans wait the longest

Stacker compiled a list of movie franchises that made their audiences wait and wait for a sequel.    

How COVID-19 changed the way movies are budgeted and made

Giggster delved into how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the cost of making movies.

5 of the wildest celebrity parties of the last decade

Celebrities sure know how to party. Want proof? Giggster looked into the most lavish parties of the 2010s and highlighted five for the ages.

Limited release movies that got the widest expansion

Stacker looked at release data from The Numbers on movies that were initially given a limited release and eventually expanded. To qualify, the film had to open in less than 600 theaters and could not have expanded by more than 1,000 theaters in one week.

All Marvel movies ranked worst to best

Stacker used IMDb data to assemble a ranking of every Marvel feature released since "Iron Man," the inaugural MCU film. Movies are ranked according to their IMDb user ratings with the total number of user votes considered in the event of a tie.

Biggest days at the box office in film history

Stacker analyzed data from The Numbers to rank the biggest days in box office history.  

David Bowie: The life story you may not know

With the release of "Moonage Daydream" Sept. 16, Stacker compiled 25 things about David Bowie's life that you may not know, drawing from biographies, magazine interviews, and movie and music databases.
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Top-earning women's tennis players of all time

Stacker ranked the 25 top-earning women's tennis players of all time, using data compiled by the WTA Tour. Earning totals are current as of Aug. 1, 2022.

The story behind every NFL team name
As the NFL counts down the days to kicking off the league's 103rd season, Stacker looks at the history of every team name.
History of the NFL from the year you were born
Stacker counts down the history of the National Football League from 1920 to today.
Top 15 college football rivalries
Most colleges have a football rival, but few can boast of rivalries against evenly matched opponents that last for generations. Best Universities found 15 that do.
Top-earning men's tennis players of all time
The 25 top-earning men's tennis stars? Stacker reveals who they are, what they've earned, and more based on data compiled by the ATP Tour.
Kobe Bryant: The life story you may not know
Curating research from several sources, Stacker compiled a list of facts from legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant's life that you may not know.
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25 musicians with rich acting careers
With the Sept. 23 release of "Don't Worry Darling" starring English singer-songwriter Harry Styles,  Stacker took a look at 25 musicians who made the transition to television and film. 
Most Emmy wins of all time
Stacker ranks the top 25 television shows with the most Emmy wins of all time as documented on the Emmy database. Read on to find out which spinoff bested the original show, and which sketch comedy took the top slot.
Best Emmy-nominated shows of all time
Using IMDb ratings, Stacker has compiled a list of the best Emmy-nominated shows of all time.  
25 memorable TV teachers
Teachers make a big impact on people's lives, including the lives of beloved TV characters. Stacker surveyed the history of TV and chose 25 memorable teachers from TV shows.
15 of the best TV shows set in college
Stacker surveyed TV history and chose 15 of the best series that illuminate the interactions and intricacies of college life, using data from IMDb.  
Every Jane Austen movie adaptation, ranked
Stacker compiled and ranked every Jane Austen movie adaptation according to the IMDb user rating. Only features with more than 1,000 votes were included.
45 of the best college movies
Stacker gathered IMDb data on 45 of the most beloved college movies and ranked them by user rating.
Freddie Mercury: The life story you may not know
Queen frontman Freddie Mercury had a larger-than-life onstage persona and a prolific songwriting career. Stacker curated a list of 25 elements of Mercury's life that many of his fans might not know about.
6 iconic product placements in TV shows
Giving Assistant curated a list of six iconic examples of product placement on TV from a variety of sources, including both paid and unpaid sponsorships.
Filming locations from the best action movies shot in Atlanta
Atlanta is one of the most exciting frontiers for contemporary film. Giggster explores five Atlanta filming locations from celebrated action films.
Filming locations from the best thrillers shot in Chicago
From a century-old hotel to a recently shuttered tavern, Giggster looked at noteworthy filming locations from the best thrillers shot in Chicago.
Filming locations from the best crime movies shot in NYC
Using information from industry sources and IMDb, Giggster looked at noteworthy shooting locations from the best crime movies shot in New York City.
Filming locations from the best sci-fi movies shot in the Los Angeles area
Ever wanted to visit the sites of famous science fiction flicks? Giggster compiled five of the best sci-fi films shot in the Los Angeles area you can tour today, using IMDb user rating data for popular context.
We looked at Beyonce's entire discography—here's a countdown to her most popular song of all time
To determine the most popular song in Beyoncé's discography, Stacker looked at her RIAA singles data and Billboard Hot 100 data and ranked her top 10 tracks.
Movies with the most impressive runs in modern box office history
Stacker looked at domestic box office data from The Numbers on the 50 movies with the most impressive box office runs since 1981.
Filming locations from the best comedies shot in Vancouver
Giggster explores Vancouver, British Columbia, using five of its iconic filming locations used in some of the best comedies.
WWE wrestlers with the most wins of all time
Stacker ranked the 10 WWE wrestlers with the most match wins of all time as of Aug. 2, 2022, using data from Cagematch dating back to 1957.
7 notable product placement milestones in pop culture
Giving Assistant collected seven notable examples of product placement through media history, from books to movies to video games.
TV shows based on podcasts, ranked from worst to first
Stacker compiled a list of all podcasts turned into TV series with over 1,000 votes on IMDb and ranked them according to IMDb user rating.  
The original Woodstock, by the numbers
Woodstock was a legendary festival providing three days of peace and music. Stacker breaks down all the elements that made up the summer festival of '69, from the number of porta-potties to the total injuries sustained from guitars. 
From Woodstock to Coachella: 50 historic music festivals
Stacker compiled a list of 50 historic music festivals over the last 60 years.
30 celebrities you might not know are Canadian
Stacker compiled a list of prominent celebrities you might not know are Canadian—Ryan Gosling, Mike Myers, Pamela Anderson, and Keanu Reeves, among them.
Hitchcock vs. Spielberg: how the legendary directors stack up
Stacker compares and contrasts Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg, according to the data and history available. Similarities and differences are highlighted between the movie careers of the two auteurs, according to runtime, IMDb user rating, Metascore, legacy, consistency, genre, shot length, box office, and other aspects of their films.
Alfred Hitchcock: The life story you may not know
Stacker put together a list of 25 facts about the life of Sir Alfred Hitchcock you may not know, drawing from specialized film channels, movie archives, historical accounts, critic reviews, and educational resources.
How much do real estate TV stars make?
Agent Advice compiled a list of 10 real estate TV celebrities, alongside their net worth.