Book launch for 'Extraordinary Comfort' set for Friday
by Marie Nesmith
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Author David Asay is pictured with his book, “Extraordinary Comfort.” SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
Author David Asay is pictured with his book, “Extraordinary Comfort.” SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
Through his book, “Extraordinary Comfort,” David Asay looks to bring hope and reassurance to those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Detailing his mother’s near-death incident, the Cartersville resident shares the story of Mary Lou Asay’s heartwarming reunion with her stillborn son, Shawn.

“Along with every member of my family, I was completely shocked and stunned,” Asay said, referring to his reaction to his mother’s account. “This was totally unexpected and very confusing since I was not aware that mom and dad had lost any children. In fact I believe my dad and older sister were the only ones that knew. I was a carefree young boy and didn’t have any recollection of this happening in our family. After that initial incident where she woke up and shared her visit to Heaven, nothing more was said about it until a few weeks later when I visited with her at a nursing home. ... Mom’s beautiful eyes lit up when I entered the room. ‘This is my son, David,’ she gushed to her therapist. ‘Another one?’ he said, seeming surprised. ‘How many children do you have?’ She replied, ‘I have nine beautiful children.’ ‘Or 10, depending on who you ask,’ I casually added, thinking Mom might have no memory of her special ‘visit.’ ‘That’s right,’ Mom quickly reaffirmed. ‘I do have 10.’ The therapist looked puzzled. Finally, I asked, ‘Mom, do you remember what you told us in the hospital about, you know, your fifth son?’

“Her face brightened. She looked at me and tearfully replied, ‘Oh, yes, I remember everything.’ I was stunned and relieved. I’d braced myself for the possibility that Mom might have forgotten her visit to Heaven. Her affirmation was so nonchalant, yet startling; you could have knocked me over with a feather. Not only did she remember, but she remembered vividly. I asked if she would mind if we talked about it. I added, ‘I mean are you comfortable talking about it?’ ‘Of course I am, David.’ I could hardly wait for her to finish her physical therapy session.”

Asay continued, “Mom’s experience has already brought much comfort to me, to my family and many others. It has had a deep impact on me in several ways. I tend to look at things more from a spiritual or eternal perspective and have found a deeper faith. I also try to be a better Christian example to my family and to everyone that I meet. I still have much work to do in that regard.”

“Extraordinary Comfort” recently was released through Cartersville-based NewLight Publishing, which is owned by Asay’s daughter, Nicole Cash, and son-in-law, Mark.

To celebrate its release, the community is invited to a book launch event Friday, 7 p.m., at Four Seasons Club House, 13 Summer Place in Cartersville. Along with light refreshments, the program will consist of a 3 1/2 minute video presentation, the distribution of complimentary signed copies of “Extraordinary Comfort” and a copy of a charcoal sketch featured in the book.

“I really struggled with the thought of writing a book,” Asay said. “I rejected the idea out of hand in the beginning, but promised my wife and mother that I would at least write it down in my personal journal so that it could be shared with our family and extended family. My mom finally asked me to share her story with not just our family but with everyone I could, because it was true and had an important message. I naively promised her that I would do what I could do. She passed away less than two months after her sacred experience and this book has only become a reality after constant nudging from her for over 15 years. Did I mention that I am a terrible procrastinator?

“I sincerely believe that this book can bring some comfort and healing to those that have ever suffered the terrible pain and devastating loss of a small or unborn child and it is to that end that this book has been completed. I have finally fulfilled my promise to my mom and hope that she is pleased with my effort.”

Near the end of his writing journey, Asay received assistance from his friend and fellow author Chris Heimerdinger.

“I was attracted to Dave’s project because of its purity and simplicity,” Heimerdinger stated in a press release from NewLight Publishing. “It doesn’t try to teach anything particularly new in the field of near-death studies. It just beautifully reconfirms one basic [principle] about the eternal nature of families and the sacred importance of even the weakest among us — the unborn child.”

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