Loudermilk leads in District 11 race
by Jason Lowrey
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By Jason Lowrey


In the race to represent Georgia District 11 in the U.S. House of Representatives, former State Sen. Barry Loudermilk led a pack of six candidates Tuesday night, ensuring his spot in a runoff election.

As of press time, Loudermilk gathered 17,728 votes and 39.52 percent of the entire vote. Bob Barr was the next closest candidate with 11,327 votes and 25.25 percent of the vote.

At the Bartow County level, Loudermilk received 4,296 ballots and 62.23 percent of the vote. Barr again came in second place, gaining 1,155 votes and 16.73 percent of the vote.

Early Tuesday evening, as the first precincts began reporting their tallies, Loudermilk said he did not have any regets about his campaign.

“I look back on this campaign, I don’t see anything we would do any different. I mean, we had the absolute best campaign team,” he said. “We surrounded ourselves with people that certainly didn’t have campaign experience. We had some that had been with us on previous campaigns, but they were all amateurs then, and it’s totally different running a congressional campaign.

“But we surrounded ourselves with people that believed in our cause, in getting America back on track. It’s not about us. It’s about the next generation. We can’t continue down this path. Everyone on this team ... to them the dedication isn’t to me as a candidate, it’s for the cause of getting America situated for the next generation, and I couldn’t pick any better.”

Though he hoped for strong Bartow support, Loudermilk acknowledged he never believed he would get 100 percent of the county’s vote.

“Of course I’ve represented Bartow County for the previous nine years in the [state] Senate, and we always had great results in campaigns. Of course, with political office you’re always going to perhaps have someone who doesn’t like what you do, which is expected. So we never expected 100 percent, but we’re very pleased with — especially with six people in the race — [to] see the results that are coming in,” he said.

Rob Adkerson, Loudermilk’s campaign manager, said he was confident of Loudermilk making it to the runoff, and he predicted they would run against Barr. Moving into the runoff, he added, would be all about momentum.

“Just keep moving. Just keep the momentum up. We’ve got the momentum. Keep charging forward. Barry has always been a consistent conservative and we just keep the campaign consistently on the charge,” Adkerson said.

In the rest of the District 11 field, Tricia Pridemore came in third with 7,241 votes and 16.14 percent at the state level. Ed Lindsey received 5,756 votes and 12.83 percent of the vote. Larry Mrozinski received 2,055 votes and 4.58 percent of the vote. Allan Levene received 747 votes and 1.67 percent of the vote.

All numbers are taken from the Georgia Secretary of State’s website and are preliminary tallies. An election official will confirm all numbers at a later date.