Shultz ends campaign for state superintendent
by Mark Andrews
Feb 20, 2014 | 1755 views | 0 0 comments | 33 33 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Republican candidate for state school superintendent Matt Shultz, who also serves District 3 for the Bartow County Board of Education, announced Wednesday, Feb. 19, he is ending his campaign and endorsing candidate Fitz Johnson.

“From a fundraising standpoint, we just did not make enough money to continue to be competitive. We certainly would’ve liked to continue, but we just did not have enough money raised to be competitive and move forward,” Shultz told The Daily Tribune News.

He said in a press release, “Serving our country in the Marine Corps taught me that leadership is about serving others and that accomplishing the mission is more important than receiving personal glory. I entered this race with a vision for real conservative reform in public education. The practical reality of politics; however, is that campaigns cost money, and my fundraising has not been what I had hoped.  

“... Our children need a conservative leader in the State School Superintendent’s position. Our party should be concerned about the Democrat’s efforts to retake Georgia. Having a liberal Democrat in this important position is just as bad as having someone beholden to the status quo education bureaucracy.

“That is why I have decided to endorse and fully support Fitz Johnson to be Georgia’s next State School Superintendent.  

“Fitz Johnson is highly qualified for this critical role. We share the same conservative values and goals. He has the statewide network and financial backing to ensure a strong Republican win this fall against a concerted effort from liberals in Atlanta and Washington.  

“I encourage all who have supported me and all who share my goal of real, conservative education reform to rally behind and support Fitz Johnson.”

Johnson said in the release, “On the campaign trail, I have been inspired by Matt’s passion for change and commitment to our schools.  He has been a formidable competitor. I welcome Matt as a partner in our campaign to Achieve More in our public schools.”

When asked if he felt his campaign would interfere with his service on the BCBOE, Shultz replied, “That didn’t impact my decision to end the campaign at all. Had I qualified for state superintendent, I had no plans to resign from the [BCBOE] either, so I honestly thought that serving on the [BCBOE] was an asset to the process and it brought a different perspective than maybe some of the other candidates had.”

Shultz also said he does not intend to run for his District 3 seat with the BCBOE.

Qualifying for both the BCBOE seat and state superintendent seat is March 3 to March 7.