Woman punches wall, man, window
by Staff Report
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One woman went into a house like a wrecking ball Monday night, knocking holes in walls and punching out windows.

When a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at the Pine Ridge Road residence, the victim said Angel “Nikki” Fowler was there earlier and allegedly became violent. The victim said Fowler punched two holes in the living room wall, knocked the window out and hit two other people with a stick. Although she was told several times to leave, Fowler did not, and when the victim tried to stop her, she allegedly grabbed him and threw him on the ground.

According to the report, Fowler also allegedly threatened everyone in the residence and stated she was going to burn the house down.

A witness said Fowler came into the residence angry and was reportedly accusing people of stealing her cellphone. The witness also said Fowler became violent and began hitting people with a stick and broke a window.

A second witness said Fowler came into the residence “cursing and fighting” about her phone being stolen, according to the report. He said Fowler allegedly began hitting people with a broomstick before going into his bedroom. The second witness said Fowler punched him in the nose after he said he did not have her phone. When the second witness told Fowler to leave, she allegedly grabbed a beer bottle and threw it at his bedroom window, breaking it.

After damaging the window, according to the report, Fowler walked outside and punched the broken window, causing additional damage.

The deputy noted two holes in the living room wall near the front door, a completely broken window and a trail of blood leading from outside the bedroom window toward the road.

When the deputy arrived at Fowler’s home, he saw she appeared to have blood on her shirt and her right arm was covered with another shirt. According to the report, when Fowler removed the shirt it exposed a deep cut. The deputy requested Bartow County Emergency Medical Services on scene, and in the meantime administered first aid.

Fowler said she was at the victim’s residence, visiting, when she got into an argument with the victim. Fowler continued, saying she was mad because her boyfriend would not leave, so she punched out the window, which cut her arm.

Fowler was arrested and charged with criminal trespass after being released from Cartersville Medical Center. She was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

<*C>Woman arrested for false statements against trespasser

After picking a man up Monday, one woman was arrested for making false statements on how he came to be at her residence.

According to the BCSO incident report, when the deputy arrived on scene at approximately 11:30 p.m., he saw Lorenzo Carlisle standing on the front porch of the house. Desiree Gadsden, who called 911 to report an unknown person, had reportedly locked herself in a closet after seeing someone in the garage.

The deputy told Carlisle to show his hands, but Carlisle reportedly ignored him and stepped off the porch while clutching his hands to his chest. When Carlisle refused to comply with the deputy’s commands, the deputy attempted to tase him. However, Carlisle’s coat blocked the prongs. After a short struggle, according to the report, the deputy was able to handcuff Carlisle.

When asked, Carlisle said Gadsden picked him up from Six Flags earlier that day and brought him to her home. He said she invited him in, and he plugged his phone into the charger in the kitchen. Carlisle said they had sex, and afterward he was texting someone else when Gadsden became angry and told him to leave. When he left, Carlisle said, he forgot his phone. He told the deputy he went back into the garage to get into the house and get his phone, but Gadsden saw him and closed the door. Carlisle said he went to the front porch and broke the window because he was angry and was trying to get inside.

While speaking to Gadsden, who said she did not know the person in her garage when she called 911, the deputy asked how Carlisle knew her name. Gadsden said she did not know, and later said she told Carlisle her name while he was in the garage. When asked if she invited Carlisle inside, she said she had never seen him before in her life, according to the incident report.

The deputy found Carlisle’s cellphone in the kitchen, which Gadsden said belonged to her daughter. The deputy continued to question Gadsden about the phone, the number of calls on it and why calls were placed to her own phone. Gadsden later said she invited Carlisle in and they had sex, but then he began to threaten her, so she asked him to leave. She said she dialed 911 when he was in her garage.

However, the deputy noted, “Each time I spoke with [Gadsden] her statement would change, with new facts surfacing with each telling.”

The deputy concluded Gadsden was “intentionally providing me with false statements to conceal her involvement in the incident.”

Gadsden was arrested and charged with false statements and writing and criminal trespass. Carlisle was arrested and charged with obstruction and criminal trespass.

Woman struck with cat food

After arguing over a credit card, one woman’s daughter hit her in the face with a bag of cat food.

A BCSO deputy was dispatched to a Gum Drive residence Monday night and spoke with the victim who said she had been in an altercation with her daughter. The victim said her daughter, Anna Herman, came home and began taking the victim’s clothes out of the dryer after being told not to do so. When the victim went through Herman’s wallet to take back a loaned credit card, Herman reportedly became upset.

The victim said Herman made a fist and the victim told her to “go ahead,” according to the report. Herman allegedly picked up a small bag of cat food and hit the victim in the side of the head.

While speaking with the deputy, Herman did say she hit her mother in the side of the head with a small bag of cat food.

Herman was arrested and charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act. She was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Arson possible in mobile home fire

A Monday fire on Ga. Highway 20 could be a case of arson.

According to a BCSO incident report, a Bartow County Fire Department sergeant said a juvenile told her he saw two boys put something in bottles, possibly light the bottles and then throw them into the mobile home. The sergeant added there were two points of origin that caused the fire.

The deputy spoke to the juvenile via the child’s mother, as the juvenile reportedly had a speech impediment. The mother said her child saw two people around the vacant mobile home before the fire started.

CFD reports two fires

Cartersville Fire Department on Tuesday afternoon worked two small fires.

Just before 3 p.m. the department had a small fire on Mercer Lane. CFD Battalion Chief Ray King said smoking materials were tossed into a trash can inside the house.

Crews were able to extinguish the blaze with minimal damage.

Two hours later, a faulty chimney sparked a fire after igniting leaves on the roof, King said. The department extinguished the fire with limited damage.

No injuries were reported.