Mrozinski in race for District 11
by Jason Lowrey
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Retired U.S. Army Col. Larry Mrozinski acknowledges he is a late-comer in the race for Georgia’s District 11 Congressional seat, but he believes his focus on connecting with voters will be a boon to his campaign.

“As somebody who comes, basically, from the community, I’ve never been elected. I don’t have any constituency other than the people I will represent in Congress that I have to be beholden to,” he said. “I don’t have folks who say, ‘I’ll give you this and give you that.’”

Mrozinski, who is running as a Republican, has approximately 30 years of service in the army, with 27 of those years being active duty. He spent the remainder of his service working in the State Department as a consultant. Running for Congress, he said, is an extension of his service.

“When on active duty, as an infantryman, I was prepared as a young officer, then going through several combat tours, because of my dad that I realized if I did go into war I was prepared to engage the enemy. So I think, thanks to my father, I understood clearly what a soldier does — stands between the oppressed and the oppressor. That’s what our officials, in a sense, are supposed to [do], stand between adversity and the American dream, and help us get to the American dream,” he said.

Mrozinski made his campaign announcement Aug. 17. He said his wife urged him to get into the race after his mother passed away earlier this year.

“This was the natural course of things, but with the death of my mom, it wasn’t on my mind,” Mrozinski said of the decision to run. “I think my wife came in and realized this was the catalyst, saying, ‘Larry, you need to move to do things for people. This is what your mom would have wanted. This is what your dad would have wanted, but it’s got to be what you want.’

“And I said ... you helped me through all my career to get to where I felt I was a successful officer and raising great kids. So ... I want to do this because I want to fight for my country in the sense of what’s honest. I want to bring honesty back as a word we can use.”

A Woodstock native, Mrozinski believes his experience with foreign affairs, knowledge of veterans services and focus on what he described as “sound economics” set him apart in a field of eight other candidates. Georgia Right to Life also has endorsed him. Mrozinski also said he will not accept Congressional retirement and supports the idea of term limits.

To improve the economy, Mrozinski said he wanted to see some tax cuts reinstated and made permanent.

“But what we need to do is reduce our corporate tax, I believe, to 25 percent. We need to reinstill the 2001, 2003 [temporary] tax cuts and make them permanent. We need to make small business, get them off the individual tax returns as if they were a person and lower their corporate tax,” he said.

“... We don’t need to become a part-time society to where we can say, ‘Oh we’ve got jobs,’ but in fact now the family’s got a part-time job over here and a part-time job over here, puts it together it’s kind of like a full-time job. That’s what’s happening to America.”

If elected, Mrozinski said he would both lead the district on issues and speak with constituents to discover their thoughts and opinions.

“As a Congressman ... I will, as I’m doing right now, go around in the communities and hold town hall meetings. Why is it that they say it, but they don’t do it? This has been the least volume, that I can recall, of holding town hall meetings for elected officials. Because people are very concerned about their country, and as well as their communities,” he said.

Mrozinski’s father was a role model for him at an early age and continues to influence him as he runs for office. A prisoner of war in Germany during World War II, Mrozinski’s father was “a big part of my life,” he said.

“My father would be very proud of me right now because I’m getting off the bench and getting into the game,” Mrozinski said. “And the idea that I’m helping people — my dad said once, ‘Do something for somebody each day,’ and that’s what I will do when I’m in Congress.

“I will do more than just for somebody. I want to do for a lot of people, and that’s what I offer, is to do something for someone each day, but to do it for so much more.”

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