Tea for Tranquility to benefit Christian League for Battered Women
by Marie Nesmith
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In its continued support of Christian League for Battered Women, the Cartersville Woman’s Club will present Tea for Tranquility Sept. 28. The benefit will be held at Stonewall Manor, 104 Stonewall St. in Cartersville, from 1 to 4 p.m.

“The General Federation of Women’s Clubs, one of their main focuses, and for us also, is the battered women and improving [their situation],” said Sheryl Vaught, president of the Cartersville Woman’s Club. “... So we’ve always supported them throughout the years. ... They’re always needing different types of things at the [Christian League for Battered Women’s] Tranquility House, so we always round [items] up — shampoos or gift cards or pajamas or slippers or umbrellas, whatever they have needed in the past.

“... I know they’ve [also] done things for the outside of the shelter, [such as] fixed up a flower bed for them. [Tea for Tranquility] is a big [benefit] that we’re doing and I think it’s going to turn out really good. We’ve put a lot of effort into it as far as getting prizes and getting silent auction baskets together.”

Along with a silent auction, the benefit will feature tea tastings, teas for sale, food, and a speaker from Christian League for Battered Women. Individuals also have the opportunity to purchase $10 tickets for a 50/50 offering in which half of the collected funds will go to the benefiting nonprofit and the other to the prize winner.

Tickets for the overall event, which are $20, need to be purchased by Wednesday.

“We’re always very grateful for anyone in the community who supports us,” said Sandra Bruce, executive director for Christian League for Battered Women, a domestic violence center that operates a shelter named Tranquility House. “They have been longtime supporters of ours and we’re very thankful that they are doing this Tranquility tea for us this next couple of weeks.

“[The event’s proceeds] will probably go toward general funds to help [with] client assistance. When women are here, we help with transportation. If they have cars, we help with gas vouchers, or if they don’t have cars, we help with cab vouchers — just general client assistance.”

Formed in 1985, the domestic violence center and its shelter provides a safe environment for women and children to temporarily stay and work toward future goals like securing housing, education or a job, if needed. Typically, the individuals reside at the shelter for 30 to 60 days, during which a support group, legal advocacy and community resources are at their disposal. While men who are victims of domestic violence are unable to reside at Tranquility House, they are provided with services and other shelter options.

“We have a child advocate who helps with children, helps the mom get them registered in school and get school supplies, that sort of thing,” Bruce said. “We have a legal advocate who helps [clients] with their legal problems. They may need a temporary protective order, they just may need someone to go and advocate for them in court. They may need referrals for divorces, whatever their legal problems might be we have a legal advocate on staff. So we try to meet every need that an abused person might have when they call us.

“I think that [this type of abuse is] an increasing problem. The economy has a lot to do with it. The availability of drugs has a lot to do with it. It seems as though our calls have increased and I know other shelters have told me that their calls have increased. So it is still around and ... we’re trying to help those who are caught up in it. There’s always going to be a need unfortunately.”

Further details about the Christian League for Battered Women can be obtained by calling 770-386-8093. The domestic violence center also operates a crisis line, which is 770-386-8779. To purchase tickets for the Tea for Tranquility benefit, call Vaught at 770-714-3802.