Man jumps from truck during pursuit
by Staff Report
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When he couldn’t get away from police in a truck, a man tried running through the woods Tuesday night.

A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was in the area of Glade Road on Cox Farm Road about 9 p.m. when he saw a 1985 Ford Ranger he recognized from a failed warrant service. According to the incident report, Margaret Adair was driving and Christopher Harris was in the passenger seat. Two other men were riding in the truck’s bed.

The deputy attempted to perform a traffic stop, but the truck sped up and turned onto Cox Farm Road. The driver then turned off the truck’s lights as the deputy continued the pursuit. When the deputy turned on his emergency lights, Harris allegedly jumped out of the truck and fled on foot into the woods.

The deputy pursued Harris through the woods until the suspect fell over. The deputy then handcuffed Harris, according to the report, and placed him in the back of his patrol vehicle. After running Adair’s information through the system, and finding her license was suspended, the deputy arrested her as well.

Adair was charged with driving on suspended license. Harris was charged with obstruction of an officer. Both were transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

<*C>Stabbed man tased at sheriff’s office

A man with a stab wound in his leg was tased Tuesday morning after he attempted to fight with BCSO deputies.

According to the incident report, Douglas Trammell was resisting the medical staff’s attempts to treat a stab wound in his leg. When jail deputies arrived, Trammell reportedly began screaming, “I’m not telling you anything, [expletive] you, that’s none of your [expletive] business.” The nurse attempted to calm him, but Trammel then said, “There’s nothing y’all can [expletive] do for me.”

The nurse said, according to the report, she wanted to find the right medication for his injury, but Trammell continued yelling. He also looked at one of the deputies and reportedly told the deputy to take his badge off so they could fight.

Trammell allegedly clenched his fight and approached the deputy in an aggressive way. Two deputies attempted to get control of Trammell’s arms, but he attempted to pull away from the deputies. One deputy gave several loud, verbal commands, according to the report, but Trammell did not comply. Even after being warned he would be tased, Trammell continued to fight with the deputies. During the scuffle, one deputy’s thumb was scratched, according to the report.

A deputy then used his taser and stunned Trammell. Deputies were able to put him in handcuffs and take him to an iso-cell without incident.

Woman attempts to grab deputy’s gun

A woman tried grabbing a BCSO deputy’s gun Tuesday afternoon and then kicked him in the face.

During a welfare check at a Rock Ridge residence, the deputy met with Leah Jordan, who was standing in the residence’s front yard. The deputy noted Jordan’s eyes were very big and her pupils were extremely dilated. She reportedly dodged the deputy’s questions, and her only response was, “Are there not more of y’all coming?”

Jordan also said, according to the report, “You need to take me to jail.”

Jordan reportedly kept trying to walk away from the deputy during the conversation, but the deputy stepped in front of her each time as he believed her well-being could be in danger. The last time he stepped in front of her, Jordan said, “Why are you going to shoot me?”

The deputy said he was not going to shoot her, but he was there to check on her. Jordan then allegedly reached for the deputy’s firearm and cupped her hand over the rear grip. The deputy stepped back, grabbed Jordan around the neck area and placed her on the ground. Although he was able to handcuff Jordan, she allegedly continued with attempts to claw, kick and grab at the deputy. The report states Jordan also was able to kick the deputy in the face and head several times with her feet.

Other deputies then arrived on scene and were able to further restrain Jordan.

A man at the scene said he did not know Jordan, but he had picked her up a few miles down the road. She gave him the residence’s address, and when they arrived, she reportedly ran away.

Jordan was transported to Cartersville Medical Center for treatment as she reportedly had cuts on her face from the struggle. While at the scene Jordan admitted to drinking, using methadone and smoking “spice,” so medical treatment for drug use was possible as well.

Jordan was charged with felony obstruction and attempted removal of law enforcement firearm.

The deputy was not injured.