JDA awards lighting contract
by Neil McGahee
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The Bartow-Cartersville Joint Development Authority held a called meeting Tuesday to discuss several business items.

The first order of business was a proposal to switch account funds from a regional to a local bank in order to get a better interest rate.

“Our present accounts at Bank of the Ozarks,” Cartersville-Bartow County Department of Economic Development Executive Director Melinda Lemmon said, “are only drawing a small amount of interest, 0.5 percent. On the other hand, accounts at Century and Northside banks are paying 2.85 to 4 percent, and they are local businesses.”

The next, and most important business, was the selection of a provider of electricity for the Highland 75 industrial park on Cass-White Road near Interstate 75.

Georgia Power and the Cartersville Electric System applied to bid on the project, but in the final tally, Cartersville Electric won the contract.

“The two bidders were close on most issues, including E-verify, project timelines, clear statements of monthly costs and duration of costs,” Lemmon said. “What swung the vote a reasonable monthly cost of service statement — $252 a month from Cartersville and $248 a month from Georgia Power.”

Lemmon also said Cartersville Electric waived its $15,000 installation fee while Georgia Power included $14,005 for installation.

After Cartersville’s waiver of the installation fees, total costs over a 36-month contract was estimated to be $9,072. Georgia Power’s bid, including the $14,205 installation fee, approached $23,166.

In the end, Cartersville Electric won the bid and will be installing seven poles and 14 lights around the entrance to the park, followed by seven more at a later date.

The next meeting of the JDA is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 20, at noon at the Clarence Brown Conference Center.