Man robbed at gunpoint, suspect still at large
by Staff Report
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A man was robbed at gunpoint near Donn Drive Thursday evening as he walked down a trail.

According to the Cartersville police incident report, the victim was on the trail at approximately 5 p.m. when he came up on the suspect, who was facing away from him. The victim said the suspect was bent over at the waist and when he stood up, the suspect pulled a black ski mask over his face. He also had a large chrome and black pistol in his hand, according to the report. The suspect allegedly pointed the gun at the victim’s face and told him to get on the ground.

When the victim complied, the suspect reportedly pressed the pistol’s muzzle to the victim’s head and repeatedly warned the victim he would shoot him in the head.

The suspect ordered the victim to empty his pockets. According to the victim, the only statement the suspect made was that he was waiting for someone called D-Rock. The suspect then got away with $35 in cash, the victim’s ATM card and Social Security card.

Cartersville officers asked the victim to tell them what happened three times, and during the third retelling the victim said the suspect asked if he was D-Rock. When the victim said he was not D-Rock, the suspect asked for identification, which was reportedly how the suspect got the victim’s wallet. During the third retelling, the victim also remembered that while he was laying face down on the ground, he tried grabbing the suspect’s gun with his right hand and the gun went off. When asked what the suspect’s reaction was, the victim said he was warned not to do that again.

Before ending their interview with the victim, Cartersville police asked what clothing the victim had been wearing during the robbery, as it had been raining for many hours before the incident. The victim said he was still dressed in the same clothing. After the victim’s consent, the officers felt the victim’s pants and shirt and found them to be slightly damp, according to the report.

The officers conducted a search of the area, but they did not find a shell casing.

Crack cocaine, meth found in shoe

A Cartersville traffic stop for a broken trunk latch and burnt out tag light led to an arrest for possession and the discovery of crack cocaine in a man’s shoe.

At approximately 10:55 p.m. Thursday, a Cartersville officer pulled over a Toyota Camry as it had a burnt out tag light and its trunk was opening and closing as it traveled down the road. While speaking with the driver, who reportedly acknowledged her vehicle was “ghetto,” the officer noticed the passenger was noticeably nervous and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The officer asked for the passenger’s identification, but the passenger said he did not have any identification on him. Instead, he gave the officer the name Devin Evans and a birth year of 1989, according to the report.

The driver’s license was reported as being valid, and the officer asked her for permission to search the vehicle. The driver consented and after patting down the driver and Evans, the officer searched the vehicle.

According to the report, after Evans got out of the vehicle the officer noticed a small plastic baggie of white powder that was suspected of being cocaine. Evans was then placed in handcuffs after the officer identified the white powder as cocaine. The officer read Evans his Miranda rights, but he waived them and spoke with the officer. Evans admitted the cocaine was his and he had purchased it earlier. Evans also said the cocaine did not belong to the driver and she did not pressure him to admit the cocaine was his.

The driver was released with a written warning and Evans was transported to the Cartersville Police Department for processing.

During processing, Evans said he had lied to the officer. He said his real name was Eric Evans and he was born in 1980. He also said he had warrants out for his arrest. They were valid warrants for probation violation out of Bartow County and probation violation out of Cartersville police.

Evans then said he needed to speak to a particular officer alone. He lifted his shoe off, according to the report, and had the officer pick up his right shoe and then lift up the sole. The officer found two dime-size widths of suspected crack rocks that were .25 inches thick. There also was a small plastic baggie of what was thought to be methamphetamine.

The incident report noted the total amount of powdered cocaine and the way the crack cocaine was packaged exceeded personal use.

Evans was transported to the Bartow County Jail and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of meth.

Man robbed, later chased with knife

A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to an armed robbery early Friday morning after a man said a friend stole his wallet and later chased him with a knife.

The victim said he and his wife were hanging out with the suspect at the Howard Johnson Motel on Carson Loop when the friend asked for a ride to a Patterson Drive residence so he could see his family. The victim drove the suspect there and waited for approximately 25 minutes while the suspect was inside, according to the report.

Eventually the victim walked into the residence to get the suspect. The victim told the deputy he left his keys in his truck’s ignition and he left his wallet sitting on the truck seat. The victim told the suspect it was time to leave and, according to the incident report, the suspect went back inside the residence while the victim talked to several people.

When the victim went back to his vehicle, he saw his keys were gone and there was $130 missing from his wallet. He confronted the suspect, who reportedly admitted he stole the keys and the money. The suspect then allegedly pulled the money from his pocket and started counting it.

According to the report, when the victim asked for his money back the suspect put it back in his pocket and said, “You disrespected me and I’m going to take you down the road and mess you up.”

The victim said the suspect pulled a black knife from his pocket and began to chase him with it. The victim told the deputy he left the area and contacted 911.

As the deputy spoke with the victim, other deputies responded to the Patterson Drive residence to check for the suspect. However, no one was there.

The victim decided he did not want to make a voluntary statement. The deputy’s attempt to contact the victim’s wife was unsuccessful.

$15K stolen from Chili’s

According to a corporate investigator, $15,150 was stolen from the Cartersville Chili’s over the course of more than two years.

A Cartersville officer was dispatched to the restaurant Wednesday afternoon and he met with the corporate investigator who said he found several discrepancies in the petty cash account during an audit.

The investigator determined the store manager, Ronnie Porter, allegedly made 36 fraudulent entries for cash beginning on Dec. 24, 2011, and ending June 16, 2013. The investigator said he interviewed Porter and he admitted to the thefts.

Porter was arrested and charged with theft by deception. He was later transported to the Bartow County Jail.

Adairsville police make several felony drug arrests

Four suspects were arrested by Adairsville police over the course of a week for felony drug possession.

According to an Adairsville police press release, Penelope Rae Baker was arrested June 30 after an officer pulled her over for a traffic stop. The officer discovered she was wanted by Floyd County authorities and discovered a plastic bag of methamphetamine and methadone tablets. Baker was charged with possession of meth, possession of methadone, prescription pills not in original container and possession of drug-related objects.

Steven Paige Creech was arrested July 3, according to the release, when an Adairsville K-9 unit pulled him over for not wearing a seat belt. The officer found Creech was wanted by Cherokee County authorities and after a K-9 search of the vehicle the officer found a bag of meth. Creech was charged with possession of meth and possession of drug-related objects.

The release noted Creech’s arrest happened on the officer’s first day back on active duty after he was severely injured last year while attempting to apprehend a felon.

Carol Ann Mooney was also arrested July 3, the release stated, when a second Adairsville K-9 unit saw a vehicle traveling on the wrong side of the road on Ripley Street. During a traffic stop, the officer conducted a search of the vehicle with his K-9 and discovered bags of methamphetamine. Mooney was charged with possession of meth, driving under the influence, possession of controlled substances and possession of drugs not in original container.

Austin Lamar Pendergrass was arrested July 5 during a traffic stop on state Route 140. The officer found Pendergrass was wanted by Gordon County authorities and a vehicle search yielded meth and marijuana. A .25-caliber pistol also was found under the driver’s seat. Pendergrass was charged with possession of meth, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, possession of alcohol by a person under the age of 21, open container of alcohol and possession of drug-related objects.