‘Heroes and villains’ take center stage in Second Saturday Shakespeare production July 13
by Marie Nesmith
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In her Shakespeare acting debut, Corinne Scott will portray three characters penned by the famous English playwright. For StageWorks Inc.’s Second Saturday Shakespeare offering on July 13, the Cartersville resident will breathe new life into the roles of “Hamlet’s” Queen Gertrude, a witch in “Macbeth” and a page in “Richard III.”

“I’ve been involved in other Shakespeare productions in different roles and different responsibilities, like directing or costuming, but I’ve never acted Shakespeare,” Scott said. “So this was an opportunity for me to try that aspect of it and because the roles were small it wasn’t so much of a commitment. ... So it worked out great.

“It’s just a nice way for the public to see glimpses of the best of Shakespeare and maybe they’ll come back and see full-fledge productions of some of these shows later on.”

With its theme titled “Heroes and Villains,” the upcoming production is the second offering in the Second Saturday Shakespeare series, which will conclude Aug. 10. To be held at the Clarence Brown Conference Center’s Bartow Amphitheater, the July 13 production will be presented at 7 p.m. and feature scenes from various Shakespeare plays, including “Macbeth,” “Othello,” “King Lear,” “Henry V,” “Richard III” and “Hamlet.”

“The theme is ‘Heroines and Villains’ so the scenes are ones from Shakespeare’s plays that feature some of the more heroic characters and some of the more dastardly,” said Morgan Brooks, director of the StageWorks production. “You get the best and the worst of Shakespeare’s characters this time. So there’s some sword fighting. There’s intrigue. ... It’s [also] a nice mix of scenes from plays that people are more likely to be familiar with from reading in school.

“We’ve got a scene from ‘Hamlet’ with a big duel, which we’ve been rehearsing in my backyard because we needed more overhead space for the sword play. So that’s been an interesting experience. But we also work in some other scenes that are maybe a little less familiar.”

Along with Scott, the production’s cast will consist of Mike Davis as Touchstone; Kip Henderson as Macbeth, Iago, King Henry V; Tony Thomasson as Gloucester, King Richard III, King Claudius; Robert Trammell as Banquo, Othello, Cornwall, Horatio; Mallory Holder as Bedford, Cassio, Laertes; Meghann Humphreys as Lady Macbeth, Regan, Buckingham; Parris Sarter as Goneril, Tyrell, Hamlet; Karen Ruetz as a Witch; and Ginny Slifcak as a Witch.

“[Shakespeare] has been popular for over 400 years, and the reason is that he taps into everyday life situations that span the centuries,” Scott said. “It just shows you that humanity, although we’ve changed in many ways, we’re still the same from the folks 400 years ago, 500 years ago.

“We all have likes, dislikes. We fall in and out of love. We experience death. We experience war, poverty. We experience happy times and good times. And he, Shakespeare, can just zero right in on those feelings and experiences and that’s why his works can translate over the centuries.”

Tickets for the upcoming shows will be $10 for general admission and free for children 12 and younger. For more information, call the Clarence Brown Conference Center, 5450 State Route 20 in Cartersville, at 770-606-5763.