Woman kidnapped on Mac Johnson Road
by Staff Report
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A woman was briefly kidnapped Tuesday night when she went for a walk around her block.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the victim had been arguing with her boyfriend, so she went for a walk around the block on Mac Johnson Road. When she reached the intersection of Rudy York Road on Mac Johnson Road, she reportedly heard a vehicle rev its engine. Although she stepped into a driveway to allow the vehicle to pass, it instead pulled off the road.

The report stated the vehicle was a silver Ford Mustang, which had black letters down the side that spelled out Mustang, and a black square design as well.

The driver was described as a black male wearing a blue shirt and camouflage pants. When the victim told him she did not need a ride, he said the window was broken. According to the report, the victim then opened the door and repeated that she did not need a ride. The suspect then asked her to come with him, grabbed her by the arm and allegedly pulled her into the vehicle. He reportedly said he wanted to get to know her. While the victim asked him to let her go, the suspect drove away.

The vehicle traveled down Rudy York Road to Walker Road and the victim called her sister in an attempt to get her to call 911. According to the report, the victim had a drink with her at the time and the suspect had previously put his hand over her drink. When the victim began feeling sick, the suspect asked if she felt all right. When the victim asked if he had put something in her drink, he turned around and took her back to the mobile home park entrance on Rudy York Road.

When the vehicle pulled into the park, a neighbor was walking toward the vehicle. The victim then started yelling for help and she was able to get out of the vehicle. The suspect left the scene.

After the incident the victim remembered struggling with the suspect over her phone. Since she could not find it after the incident, she believed the suspect took it with him.

BCSO put out a be-on-the-lookout for the silver Mustang and searched the area for the vehicle. It was not found.

Son arrested for battering his mother

A man was arrested early Wednesday morning for hitting his mother after she refused to allow him to buy butane.

Cartersville police officers arrived at the James Street home in refence to a domestic argument. The officers were unable to get anyone to answer the door, but heard shouting coming from inside, the incident report stated. When they were able to get into the home through an unlocked front door, they saw the suspect, Joshua Wilbur Powell, sitting on the couch. The officers noted he was visibly drunk and he could barely form a sentence. Powell said he had been arguing with his mother when she hit him in the arm with a baseball bat. According to the report, the officers did not see any marks on his arm.

Powell said he had asked for his grandmother’s debit card so he could go to Wal-Mart, but she would not give it to him.

One of the officers then found the suspect’s mother in a back bedroom. She was reportedly picking up objects from the floor, and when she saw the deputy, she began to cry and said, “Oh thank God, I thought you were Joshua ... help us.”

She said her son had been drinking all day and huffing butane. Powell reportedly became angry when she would not give him money so he could buy more butane. She called 911 because she was afraid of her son, but he allegedly made her tell the dispatcher that is was a mistake and she was all right. When the victim attempted to call 911 a second time, Powell reportedly took the phone out of her hands and ripped the battery out.

Powell then allegedly began to strike the victim in the face several times, first with a closed fist and then with the phone. The victim added he also struck her with the wand from a set of blinds. The officer did see a bent wand on the floor and that the telephone was in “several pieces,” according to the report. The officer also noted the victim had visible swelling all over her face and bruising was starting to occur.

Powell was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act and hindering a 911 call.