NA Infrared trucks roll into Bartow
by Matt Shinall
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North American Infrared's Director of Operations Joe Melvin lights up the propane-fired infrared burners on the truck that heats up road asphalt. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
North American Infrared's Director of Operations Joe Melvin lights up the propane-fired infrared burners on the truck that heats up road asphalt. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
North American Infrared, asphalt repair division of global equipment manufacturer Kasi Infrared, is making its debut in the Southeast with a new office located in Cartersville.

The first of several planned expansions into Southern states, North American Infrared made its move to 875 A Roland Springs Road about three months ago and is eyeing an expansion before the end of the year.

“This is our first footprint in the Southeast for North American [Infrared]. We’ve got plans to open up offices in Jacksonville, Fla.; in Orlando, [Fla.]; Roanoke, [Va.]; Tennessee and Dallas, Texas. So this is our first footprint here, right in our own backyard in Cartersville, Ga.,” said North American Infrared Director of Operations and Cartersville resident Joe Melvin. “I’ve been in the manufacturing side of this business for a while and took over the contracting side of the business about a year ago.

“We have two additional trucks in the works now on the assembly line in New Hampshire that will be completed next week and delivered here shortly thereafter. So it’s pretty exciting, it’s growing quick. By the end of the summer, we’d like to have a minimum of 10 trucks here.”

Currently, the Cartersville North American Infrared office is comprised of four Kasi Patriot trucks equipped to conduct infrared asphalt repairs. Propane-fired infrared burners are attached by hydraulic lift to the rear of each unit, each of which carries its own asphalt bin. Burners, ranging in size from 48 square feet to 78 square feet, can be placed above the asphalt in need of repair where they heat up to 1,400 degrees, heating the asphalt beneath it to 400 degrees at which point it melts and fuses existing damage. The asphalt bin within the Kasi unit applies fresh asphalt if needed to fill depressions and potholes in order to bond new and old paved surfaces.

“Infrared asphalt repair is a high-tech, low-cost solution to repair infrastructure for counties, municipalities and private utilities,” Melvin said. “Typically, an asphalt company, a road department, a city street department, will go out and saw the affected area with a concrete or asphalt saw and they’ll remove all the material within that affected area. It’s very time consuming and costly, from labor, material, equipment, transportation and even fuel.

“[Infrared asphalt repair] heats the asphalt in six to eight minutes. Once you heat it, you can rake it, or scarify that repair, add more material if necessary and then we roll it with a vibratory roller.”

Boasting advantages over traditional methods in the areas of time, labor and material usage, North American Infrared hopes to partner with local infrastructure providers throughout the Southeast. Melvin also stands behind the repairs with a one-year warranty, which he guarantees due to the infrared repair method.

“With a thermally bonded repair, there are no saw cuts and you don’t get water and moisture running in the repair,” Melvin said. “Based on the traditional process, even a brand new repair will fail eventually because moisture, water, gets in there and erodes the material underneath the asphalt.”

North American Infrared has added about six new hires to their local team since opening shop earlier this year with plans to expand from their current location within the year.

For more information, call 770-334-3333.