Suspect in home invasion still at large
by Staff Report
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A Cartersville home was invaded Friday night by a man wielding a gun and searching for a man named Sammy.

The victim told Cartersville police that the suspect arrived at her home to look for her boyfriend. The victim stepped out onto the front porch and spoke with the suspect, who reportedly held up a gun and pointed it at her.

According to the incident report, the suspect said, “Where the [expletive] is Sammy? I want Sammy. I know Sammy set up my boy ‘Loco’ to get locked up.”

A witness at the scene attempted to get the victim back inside while the victim’s boyfriend listened to the conversation from just inside the front door.

The victim backed into the house, according to the report, because she was afraid of what the suspect would do with the gun. Her boyfriend then yelled out that he would come outside and talk if the suspect would put the gun down. The victim then told her boyfriend that she would deal with the suspect and that he should run and hide.

The victim then helped her boyfriend hide in the home’s back bathroom.

As she walked back to the door — which had been left open, according to the report — the suspect allegedly walked into the house, grabbed the victim by her upper arms and slammed her against a living room wall. The suspect began yelling at the victim and demanded that she tell him where Sammy was. As he yelled at her, he reportedly hit her in the forehead with the gun’s barrel. When the victim continued to deny knowing where Sammy was, the suspect allegedly shoved the gun’s barrel into her mouth and said, “Please, I look to you like a big sister, and I don’t want to hurt you. Where is Sammy?”

While the suspect entered the home, the victim’s juvenile children were watching a movie. When they saw the suspect allegedly slam their mother into the wall and hit her with the gun barrel, they reportedly began yelling for the suspect to stop hitting their mother. The suspect then walked away from the victim to search the home. Once the suspect left the room, the victim had her children hide in their bedroom and lock the door. According to the incident report, the victim then began to follow the suspect around the home and continually tell him to leave and that she did not know where Sammy was.

After some time, the victim told the suspect that Sammy must have gone outside through the back door. The suspect then fled the residence through the back door, turned right on to Young Street and then left on to Mt. Olive Drive, according to a witness. The victim’s boyfriend then left the bathroom and hid in the same bedroom as the victim’s children.

The suspect returned approximately five minutes later, according to the report. The suspect then allegedly threatened the victim.

“He’s not outside. He’s not [expletive] outside. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will. I want Sammy. Where is he? If you don’t tell me where he is, I’m going to kill you,” the suspect said, according to the report.

When the suspect tried to force his way into the bedroom where the victim’s children and boyfriend where hiding, the victim told him to leave her children alone.

The suspect grabbed the victim and dragged her back to the bathroom and when he saw that the door was open he became angry and began yelling at the victim. According to the victim, the suspect shoved her into the bathroom, put the gun to her temple and demanded to know where her boyfriend was. The victim reportedly fell to her knees, cried and begged for the suspect to leave her home.

The suspect left through the front door before running back behind the house.

Cartersville police arrived about 9:30 p.m. An officer searched the wood line behind the home where the suspect reportedly fled, while a second officer interviewed the victim and witnesses. The victim’s boyfriend, according to the report, said the man named “Loco” the suspect mentioned was affiliated with the gang SUR 13. The victim’s boyfriend also said he was affiliated with a rival gang, but that he did not do anything about what the suspect wanted.

Man who shot himself after high-speed chase identified

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office has identified the man who led deputies on a high-speed chase early Saturday morning as James Lamar Kemp, 46, whose last known address was in Marietta.

Kemp led deputies on a high-speed pursuit that ran from Cass White Road to Interstate 75 before he struck a guardrail and came to a stop. When deputies approached his vehicle, the found him slumped over the steering wheel with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

According to the BCSO release, Kemp was pronounced dead Sunday morning at Floyd Medical Center.