Adairsville council hears report on damaged water tank
by Jason Lowrey
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The Collins Mountain water tank, damaged during the Jan. 30 tornado, will most likely be replaced, reported City Manager Pat Crook to the Adairsville City Council during its Tuesday night work session.

Crook said the tank received additional damage besides having its roof torn off. Part of the roof fell down inside the tank and was spun around by the tornado, which further damaged the inside of the tank. Other external damage occurred when the roof was ripped off.

The contractor who built the tank, the city’s insurance company and the public works department, Crook added, were doing cost analyses on whether it would be more effective to repair or replace the tank. Initial findings indicated it would likely be replaced.

“It’ll be three to four weeks to demo the old tank and then three months on top of that to rebuild,” Crook said. “So, however long — stack all those things up together with selecting the contractor, and that kind of thing, and that’s about how long we’re going to be operating like we are now.”

The city’s water department is successfully operating without the tank. Water Superintendent Casey Earley, Crook said, has calculated the department can supply the city while still selling water to Floyd and Bartow counties. Water sales to Floyd County resumed one week after the tornado, while sales to Bartow County were expected to resume Tuesday afternoon or today.

Installing an additional pumping station to increase the water pressure was considered, Crook said, but ultimately rejected. A new pump could break weak points in the water mains and lead to further repairs. Earley and his department will instead monitor the water pressure and system closely until a new tank is built.

Adairsville Police Chief Robert Jones said in his report to the council that his officers put in approximately 600 work hours during the tornado recovery and relief efforts.

“I’m proud of them. I’m proud of the work they did. They acted like professionals. We received very few complaints — really none on our officers. It was a great coordinated effort between all the other law enforcement agencies that showed up. ... It all worked seamlessly, almost once it started. It’s just a tribute to the officers that we had at that police department down there,” he said.

Other city council business included:

• Hearing the monthly finance report.

• Discussing the adoption of an optional set of state building regulations.

• Discussing an update to the city’s Short Term Work Program 2013 to 2017.

• Discussing the purchase of property on Hall Station Road in the sum of $160,000 for a future expansion of the city’s maintenance facility.

• Discussing the need for extending the state of emergency in Adairsville.

• Discussing authorizing Robert Jones and Paula Fouts for Transit Fund and Auxiliary Fund accounts at the United Community Bank for the police department. The Transit Fund is planned to be closed and combined with the Auxiliary Fund.

• Discussing the approval of a malt beverage retail package license application for Cowboys Food Mart at 924 Highway 140, Adairsville, owned by Sanjay Kumar.

These items will appear on the city council’s agenda during its next meeting.

The Adairsville City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m. at city hall.