Cartersville audiologist offers new technology
by Matt Shinall
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While Dr. Megan Johnson has practiced audiology in the Cartersville area for nearly 7 years, she just recently made the move to her own practice earlier this year. In that transition, Johnson sought to fill a need she saw in the community.

Working with eight hearing aid manufacturers, Johnson Audiology offers a range of products, including the area’s first certified provider of Lyric extended-wear, invisible hearing aids.

“Lyric is the only extended-wear hearing aid on the market,” Johnson said. “The difference is that the Lyric is made to be worn up to four months night and day, 24 hours a day. The patient does not have to change batteries; they don’t have to clean the hearing aid. They don’t have to do any daily maintenance.

“After four months, we take it out and replace it completely — they get a brand new one.”

The Lyric hearing aid is fitted within the ear, just millimeters from the eardrum, increasing clarity and making the hearing aid invisible. The placement of the hearing aid requires Lyric providers to hold a specific certification to ensure a proper fit.

“For the right person, it’s a great hearing aid, but it’s not right for everybody. They really have to come in and sit down and we go through a very detailed orientation,” Johnson said. “There are four different things we look at when fitting a patient. We look at their audiological data — their hearing tests to make sure they’re in the fitting range; we have to look at their lifestyle — you cannot scuba dive or sky dive with these hearing aids; we look at any medical contraindications; and then we look at the size and shape of the ear canal.”

Johnson previously served area patients from within the practice of Dr. Bradley Goff, during which time she opened her first office in Chattanooga, Tenn. Three years later, Johnson has expanded again with her own practice in Cartersville, located at 105 W. Main St.

“I’m excited about a chance to operate the way that we want to,” Johnson said. “We’re big on customer service and just offering patients everything that is out there and viable for them. We always try to stay on top of technology and training, but hopefully it will allow Cartersville to see that, No. 1, when you experience difficulty hearing, you need to see an audiologist.

“Statistics have shown that most people wait on average about seven or 10 years beyond the point that they should do something about their hearing loss. We try really hard to catch people while they’re younger and starting to struggle with hearing loss, because in general they’re going to do better and adapt quicker to hearing aids.”

Johnson gained her masters degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and her doctorate at the University of Florida, but knew since childhood that she wanted to help others hear. She was drawn to the field of audiology after watching her dad live with hearing loss.

“I grew up with a dad that is deaf in one ear and I saw him struggle with his hearing,” Johnson said. “Even though he functioned, he still struggled and I think that just made me want to do something so that I could help people with hearing loss.”

Working alongside Johnson is Dr. Courtney Guthrie. Guthrie received her doctorate from the University of Memphis and has been with Johnson Audiology for about one year.

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