@White=[C] 'It's a Christmas tree...'
by Jessica Loeding
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I have been following the war on Christmas for several years — actually, more like a war on Christianity. Seems pretty scary. But what I’m confused about, why only Christian religion and not others?

Recently, the University of Michigan installed footbaths for Muslims at taxpayer expense. Many schools have been forced to provide rooms for Muslims to pray on school grounds at taxpayer expense. But Christians are not allowed to have a Christmas tree or Nativity scene on government property at no expense because of separation of church and state, which is not in the constitution by the way, that is a lie.

What is really disturbing is now it is our own hometown of Cartersville. I never thought I would see it. The annual lighting of the tree, it’s now called the holiday tree. The sign advertising it on the fence at the railroad tracks and Main Street says so. It’s not a holiday tree. Thanksgiving does not have a tree or July Fourth. It’s a Christmas tree, celebrating Christmas. I can’t support the lighting of the holiday tree. If our city leaders have given in to the politically correct, we have got to take action. Make changes. Can’t wait for the next elections.

Thank you,

Danny Clark