Details released in armed home invasion
by Staff Report
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The Bartow County Sheriff's Office are searching for the black sedan in the upper left hand corner of this security camera photo from an Acworth convenience store. The driver and passenger are suspects in a home invasion robbery Nov. 14.
The Bartow County Sheriff's Office are searching for the black sedan in the upper left hand corner of this security camera photo from an Acworth convenience store. The driver and passenger are suspects in a home invasion robbery Nov. 14.
The Bartow County Sheriff's Office continues to follow up on available leads from Wednesday's home invasion robbery in Cartersville. The two suspects dressed as police officers tied the victim and held her at gunpoint as items were stolen from her home.

According to the incident report, the victim was home alone with her infant child when there was a knock on the residence’s front door. When she opened the door the victim saw a black man and white woman wearing what she believed were police uniforms. The victim said they were both wearing black cargo pants, black T-shirts with “Police” written on them in white capital letters and black hats with “Police” written on them as well. The victim also said they both had guns on their belts, in holsters, and both had a radio on their belt.

The man allegedly showed the victim a piece of paper and said, “I have a warrant for your arrest and to search your house. You need to cooperate.”

The victim said she needed to call her husband before the man tried to push her inside. While the victim was able to make it out of the residence and into the front yard the man “wrestled with her briefly on the ground, then took her back inside,” according to the incident report.

Once she was back inside, the man allegedly tired her hands together with zip ties and made her sit on the couch.

The victim said they told her “We are the nice police, but there are others coming. If you cooperate with us you’ll be okay, but the other police will kill you.”

She said the man searched through the house while the woman stood beside her and allegedly pointed a black gun at her head. The victim told BCSO that no names were called while the two suspects were in the residence.

While the man was searching her home the victim heard a gunshot come from the master bedroom and her child started crying. According to the incident report the suspects left while carrying a black luggage bag stolen from the master bathroom closet.

The victim then called her husband, who called 911.

Neither the victim nor her child were injured during the incident.

According to Sheriff Clark Millsap, investigators recovered some property relating to the home invasion in a trash can at an Acworth convenience store. The store is the Shell station located on Highway 92 at Interstate 75. Bartow County Investigators are seeking help from anyone who may have seen this vehicle or knows anything about the two suspects involved — a black male and a white female. Information uncovered during this investigation shows that the suspects specifically targeted the victim in the case, and it is not considered to be a random incident.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call the Bartow County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 770-382-5050 extension 6029.

Man removes boots, dances next to Highway 41

A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy patrolling U.S. Highway 41 Thursday evening responded to a be on the look out for a man walking southbound on the highway who appeared to be intoxicated.

The man, later identified as Steven Lamar Hale, was standing on the side of Highway 41 just south of Mac Johnson Road. According to the report, Hale had just taken his boots off and he appeared to be dancing approximately three feet from the highway and its heavy traffic. Before the deputy noted that before was able to make contact with the suspect, Hale would walk closer to traffic and yell at passing cars. The deputy said Hale appeared to be intoxicated.

When speaking with Hale the deputy saw his clothes were dirty, he had removed his boots and socks in the cold weather, he appeared to be twitching and he could not hold his wallet in his hand without dropping it as he tried to provide identification. Hale also “seemed very confused and his statements were not clear or complete.”

The deputy believed Hale was under the influence of narcotics or an unknown drug, based on experience, and requested emergency medical service to evaluate Hale for any possible medical conditions. EMS said Hale appeared to be under the influence of an unknown drug.

After searching Hale, the deputy found a number of pills that poison control later identified as Alprazolam, Soma and Oxycodone. Poison control, according to the incident report, said the pills should not cause a person to act in the way Hale was acting. While Hale said he was prescribed for the Alprazolam, he could not remember when the prescription was written. When asked, Hale said he had not taken any other type of drugs whether illegal or prescribed.

Hale was arrested and charged with possession of schedule II narcotics, possession of schedule IV narcotics and possession of pills not in original container. He was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.