Euharlee approves contracts, bills for Joe Cowan Park
by Jason Lowrey
Nov 14, 2012 | 1424 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Euharlee continued to finance construction on Joe Cowan Park and its associated projects by approving a number of contracts and paying its monthly bills on the project, which totaled roughly $950,000.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Ron Goss continued his efforts to save money by bundling services with contractors and having contractors take on additional work contracts. In one instance, B&M Grading, the company that cleared out the area next to city hall, is also going to haul the aggregate used to build the walking trail through Joe Cowan Park and then install said aggregate.

As approved, B&M will receive $125 per load for trucking the aggregate from Rockmart and then receive a total $3,600 to install the material. Goss said it would take roughly 21 loads to move the entire 330 to 350 estimated tons of aggregate needed to build the trail.

Other approved contracts included materials for the indoor batting cages in the sum of $2,839.81; installing gutters and drains in the sum of $10,976; purchasing a fountain for the irrigation pond in the sum of $7,043.78; paving the parking lot with asphalt in the sum of $148,380 with a striping fund not to exceed $2,000; and moving dirt from the park construction site to the Five Forks Road and Covered Bridge Road intersection in the sum of $65 an hour to load and a flat fee of $1,340 to transport the dirt.

Goss said moving the excess dirt now would save the city money when it decided to improve the intersection after the first of next year.

As there were three variables in the contracts, such as the amount of aggregate needed and the total number of trips the contractors will make transporting it, Goss did not have a final total for the contracts approved during the meeting. Skipping or delaying additional contracts so the city council could discuss them during next week’s work session further complicated the math. However, when using the minimal amount of materials and trips, The Daily Tribune News calculated the total amount of the contracts came to approximately $227,258.09 before factoring in the hourly loading wage.

The total amount of the monthly project payables came to $725,758.43. A complete list of the payables was not read at the meeting as the council declined to approve it line-by-line.

The council also took a vote on approving an intergovernmental agreement with Bartow County on the energy excise tax. The excise tax is a sales tax on energy used in manufacturing and mining. County Commissioner Clarence Brown re-instituted two percent of that tax after the state legislature decided to repeal it during their most recent session. For a city to receive its share of the tax it must approve an agreement with the county. If a city does not approve the agreement, its share is given to other municipalities that have approved the agreement.

The council voted 3-to-1 to approve the tax. Craig Guyton was the dissenting vote in what he later called a symbolic move.

“I don’t feel that we, as a county, should have added that two percent back on necessarily as immediately as we have,” he said. “Basically that was just a protest vote to show that. There was pretty much no chance of that failing, but I just wanted to let it be known that my opinion is we shouldn’t have added that back on.”

Guyton recognized Euharlee would have lost out on revenue if the agreement was not approved. However, he believed it was important to support manufacturers — even though Euharlee does not have a manufacturing base — as many of those businesses employ Euharlee residents.

Other council business included:

• Approving a short-term work plan.

• Allowing plans for a Citizen Emergency Response Team to proceed.

• Renewing the planning and zoning administrator contract with Ron Goss for another year.

• Approving the results of the July 31 special election allowing Sunday alcohol sales in Euharlee.

• Appointing Katherine Odom as director of the Euharlee museum.

• Approving the renewal of a three-year lease for the police department’s copier in the sum of $138 a month.

• Approving the application of a trail grant to fund the next phase of the walking trail project.

The Euharlee City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. at city hall.