Jones expands, reorganizes APD to protect Adairsville
by Jason Lowrey
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After taking over from Charles Stafford a little more than a year ago, current Adairsville Chief of Police Robert Jones has reorganized and expanded the Adairsville police in an effort to protect residents. Under his guidance the department instituted a command structure ensuring a supervisor would be on duty during every shift, formed an all-volunteer special operations team and acquired two specialized vehicles at no cost to taxpayers.

The changes and additions are part of Jones’ goal of providing Adairsville residents with the best law enforcement and public safety possible in the most cost effective way possible. After many years as a U.S. Marine and then a police officer, he views the role of police chief as the continuation of a career dedicated to public service.

Name: Robert Jones

Age: 38

City of residence: Adairsville

Occupation: Chief of Police

Education: Bachelor of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management

What led you to working in law enforcement?

A: I have always had a deep calling to serve my community and my country. After graduating high school in 1993 I joined the United States Marine Corps. After serving in the Marines I wanted to continue my service. I felt that law enforcement was the compelling avenue for me to continue my service.

You have been chief of police in Adairsville for just over one year now. How did you come to be police chief?

A: It was a daunting, but rewarding task to become the chief of police. I believe there were around 50 applicants that applied for the position. I believe that the fact that I had military experience, a college education and an extensive and diverse law enforcement career helped me stand out in the selection process.

Has the experience of being in charge of an entire police department changed how you view law enforcement?

A: I now have a better understanding of law enforcement management. I still view law enforcement as one of the most noble and misunderstood professions in the world. I still wake up wanting to do this job and try to make a difference in this community and our department. It does come with its trials and tribulations, but it comes with great reward also. The rewards are never monetary, but the look of “thank you” or a slap on the back suffices.

The Adairsville Police Department has expanded in a number of ways under your command, including the addition of a Hummer, tactical team and newly approved mobile data terminals. Are these expansions part of a larger plan to improve or reshape the APD?

A: It is the mission of the Adairsville Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with the diverse communities to improve their quality of life. Our mandate is to do so with honor and integrity, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. This mission statement is the heart beat of our agency. The improvements to our department have been so we can accomplish our mission. The citizens of Adairsville and Bartow County must have the confidence that their police department can handle the majority of the tasks that come our way. Our officers must be prepared for the worst possible situation, but pray they never occur. We still heavily rely on Sheriff Millsap and the sheriff’s office for assistance, but it is the spirit of cooperation between agencies that make law enforcement a unique profession.

What are the biggest issues facing your department and Adairsville today and in the future?

A: One of the largest issues that this and many other departments face is the economy. The philosophy of “so goes the economy so goes the crime” is true in Adairsville, as it is with many other cities around the country.

If you had a dream job, what would it be?

A: I am living my dream job. I have had the opportunity to do thing in my career that people only dream of. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest agencies and people in the world. I have made lifelong friends and contacts. I hope to bring this environment to our police department and our community.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A: I would rather listen to the radio than watch television. Music and radio tend make me use my imagination more.

What is your greatest achievement?

My children and family.

Do you have a personal motto?

A: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more; you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams

If you were to write your autobiography or memoirs, what would the title be?

A: “The Man in the Arena,” based on the quote from Theodore Roosevelt.