First land sale at LakePoint stirs excitement
by Matt Shinall
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Construction calendars at LakePoint have been pushed back since the initial announcement due to its own success, but representatives expect a string of big announcements by the end of the year.

LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center, the proposed 1,400 acre multi-sport complex, announced Thursday their first land sale to Wake Park Atlanta for construction of the first amenity to land in Emerson. LakePoint Spokesperson Natalie Springfield ensures that LakePoint partners have been working to enlarge the project’s scope as interest floods in. The initial vision has grown from three primary sports to nearly 20 competitive sports vying for inclusion.

“With any large project of this magnitude, I think the community would want us to do it right and we are doing it right — making sure our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed instead of just rushing to put together something that may not have a lasting stability in the community,” Springfield said. “We’re doing this right, taking our time, making sure we have the right partners, the right people involved and they’re going to have some big announcements coming.

“In the next couple of months, we’re going to have a lot to announce and I think anyone that has any skepticism will not have that anymore starting in 2013.”

Among those partners LakePoint is being careful to select are anchor tenants Perfect Game USA, Braveheart Sports, The Miracle League, Shaw Sportexe and Wake Park Atlanta. Lake Point’s first land sale was announced Thursday to Wake Park Atlanta for the construction of Terminus, the country’s largest wakeboard park of its kind.

“This definitely shows that [LakePoint] is moving forward with our first large amenity,” Springfield said. “So we’re just very excited to have the wake park as part of the LakePoint family and moving forward our plan is to have some other big announcements before the end of the year and I think everyone in the area is going to be very excited about what LakePoint is going to bring.”

While there will be competitive tournaments taking place at Terminus, project partner Austin Singleton sees the main focus being regular customers whether that be professionals, amateurs or guests that have never been wakeboarding.

“I don’t think wakeboarding will be considered a sport as much as an active sports amenity that brings some spice to LakePoint. So it’s not like travel baseball,” Singleton said. “All of my cousins and nephews that are old enough, play travel ball and when one kid is playing travel ball and the other kid gets drug along, it’s like torture for that other kid. And the concept LakePoint has put together by amenitizing the property with other things for the rest of the family to be doing while they’re waiting between games is a phenomenal concept.”

Terminus will be a cable-driven wakeboard park. Wakeboarders will be pulled by pulley systems scattered across three lakes on almost 20 acres. Speed, difficulty and obstacles can be altered for a participant’s experience level.

“There will be three separate lakes. The single system, which is the 2.0 system, which is the long skinny lake, one person at a time can ride that. That system can be set up for someone that has never wakeboarded in their life or as advanced as possible with obstacles for the best of the pros.

The other two lakes are full 6.0 Sesitec Systems and those can be loaded to pull six to eight people at a time,” Singleton said. “There will be several first-in-the-world obstacles that will come to Terminus that are no where else in the world.”

Wake park construction is a simple process, explains Singleton. Construction is slated to begin this fall with Terminus set to open in spring 2013. It will sit on the northern edge of LakePoint’s south campus, accessible from Lake Allatoona Road so that construction may continue for the rest of LakePoint while Terminus is open for business.

Each year, professional wakeboarders compete in tournaments across the nation culminating in three championship tournaments. For its size and abilities, Singleton expects Terminus will be selected as a final stop in the 2013 championship series.

“This being the newest, biggest park in America ... we will probably be the second or third tournament,” Singleton said. “More than likely, we’ll be the third tournament, which should be end of July or first of August and that will be the world championship.”