Commissioner approves Taylorsville election agreement
by Jason Lowrey
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Bartow County will conduct a city election for Taylorsville during the Nov. 6 election, as approved by Commissioner Clarence Brown during a called meeting Wednesday morning.

Taylorsville will hold an election to choose a new mayor, as former Mayor Cary Rhodes was removed from office after pleading guilty to computer and electronic child exploitation. Taylorsville is scheduled hold a called city council meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the old fire station to discuss the special election.

Brown also approved the filing of a Bartow County Board of Tax Assessors' appeal regarding the Beaulieu Group. The county is disputing how some of Beaulieu's machinery is classified under the tax code. The disputed classifications could be worth up to $1 million of taxable value for the county.

County Administrator Steve Bradley said the Board of Assessors' filing was an attempt to keep taxes fair in Bartow.

"They didn't want to treat this taxpayer any different from other manufacturing taxpayers, and [they] try to keep it consistent," he said.

The commissioner also declared some county property, such as Bartow County Sheriff's Office patrol cars and defunct county water tanks, surplus and called for it to be disposed.

An amendment to the 2012 budget was approved as well. The amended budget changes the funding source for the Bartow County Engineering department. Originally, its allotted $477,000 came from the county's ad valorem tax. With this amended budget the department will be financed through the county's premium insurance tax.

Bradley said there was no overall change to the budget, as only the source of the funding, rather than the amount, had changed.

The county commissioner's next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 8 at 10 a.m. at the Frank Moore Administration and Judicial Center.