Rydal man arrested for multiple burglaries
by Staff Report
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On Thursday the Bartow County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division arrested a Rydal man in connection to the theft of more than $50,000 worth of jewelry and valuables.

Investigators arrested Joseph William Long, 33, who -- according to Sheriff Clark Millsap -- has been charged for involvement in at least four residential burglaries in Bartow County between October 2011 and Jan. 12, 2012. The residences sustained a total loss of more than $50,00 worth of jewelry and cash.

According to a press release by the Bartow County Sheriff's Office, investigators have recovered $25,000 worth of jewelry sold by Long to local pawn and gold shops. After being connected to several burglaries, Long was arrested as he attempted to sell stolen jewelry at a local store.

Long has been charged with four counts of burglary and six counts of theft by deception. Investigators have also identified several other individuals who may be involved. According to the report, more arrests and property recovery is expected.

Dirty dishes and food fight leads to arrest

A woman was arrested Thursday afternoon after an argument about a messy house with her mother led to charges of battery.

According to the mother she arrived home to find her daughter asleep and became upset because there were dirty dishes piled in the sink. The two began to argue.

Based on the daughter's account, the mother threw an apple and a pack of hot dogs at her after the daughter called the mother a name. The daughter said the hot dogs hit her in the back -- no injuries were visible.

The daughter went to her bedroom where she was followed by her mother. According to both accounts, they continued to argue and the daughter threw an unopened soft drink can at the mother -- hitting her in the face.

The daughter's two brothers were also at the house. According to one of the brothers, the daughter threw the apple at the mother. The other brother said he pulled the daughter off the mother. The daughter claimed that her brother threatened to snap her neck if she hit her mother again. No one else reported the threat.

The daughter was determined to be the primary aggressor and was arrested for battery under the Family Violence Act.

Miscommunication leads to vehicle damage

On Friday around 6:12 p.m., officers arrived at the Marathon gas station on Cass White Road in reference to a fight which was later determined to be charges of simple battery to a man not referenced in the potential fight.

According a man, hereafter called Male 1 -- he had met a couple and their daughter at the Budget Host Inn. The parents allowed the man to take their daughter to the liquor store along with another man, hereafter referred to as Male 2..

Male 1 said that while driving to the store, he noticed Male 2 leaning forward from the back seat and rubbing the daughter's shoulders. According to the man, he had previously heard that Male 2 was known for touching women inappropriately. He wrote the daughter a note on an envelope saying that 'if he touches you, wink at me and I'll stop and put him out.'

While driving in the area of Grassdale Road Evergreen Trail, the daughter caught his attention and he stopped the vehicle to make Male 2 get out. Male 2 refused and the man continued driving back to the inn so to not fight.

Meanwhile -- according to the father -- he and the mother were in the office at the inn. Their daughter had been gone too long and the parents were about to call 911 when the vehicle arrived.

After arriving at the inn the daughter exited the vehicle crying and said 'he was touching me.' The parents thought the daughter was referring to Male 1. According to Male 1 the mother slapped the side of his truck and the father did damage on his driver's side.

According to the father, Male 1 began to pull off with the mother still holding on to the vehicle. She was drug by the vehicle for about 15 feet. Male 1 denied dragging the mother.

Male 1 pulled across the street to the Marathon station with the parents following on foot. Male 1 attempted to pump gas but the father began arguing so Male 1 pulled away and ran out of gas at the exit of the store.

Male 2, who had been in the vehicle the entire time, exited the vehicle and began walking toward the Chevron across the street.

An off duty officer was at the Marathon store at the time of the incident and observed the father punching the side of a Grey Dodge Dakota Truck. Male 1 exited the vehicle and retrieved a "wrench." The officer watched the two men walk into the store and continue arguing.

Male 1 said he went to the store to call 911. He also said he attempted several times to tell the father that Male 2 was the one touching his daughter.

While the two had not yet entered a physical altercation, Male 1 had a weapon -- the wrench. The officer drew his service weapon and ordered both men to the ground. Other deputies arrived on scene and detained the two men.

The daughter verified Male 1's story. Deputies located the white envelope with the note from Male 1. Male 2 was seen walking down the street and was detained. An officer observed Male 2 to be intoxicated.

Male 1 did not want to prosecute the father for damage to the vehicle. The father did want to prosecute Male 2 for touching his daughter.

Bartow County Emergency Medical Services treated the mother and transported her to the Cartersville Medical Center.

Male 2 was arrested for simple battery and transported to the jail.