Man shot in the foot during armed robbery
by By Shaka
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Staff Report

Late Thursday night shortly before 9:26 p.m., a man walked to the Chevron Gas Station on Cassville White Road, Cartersville to purchase a drink and a snack -- instead he was shot and robbed.

According to the man, he arrived at the gas station and immediately noticed a gold or silver S-10 pickup truck parked next to a dumpster with a male suspect leaning against the vehicle. The truck also appeared to have a woman inside.

As he walked by the vehicle he observed the suspect following him. The man entered the store and upon returning outside noticed the suspect standing by the side of the store. As the man passed the suspect again, the suspect said "Hey" and the man turned. He was struck in the head with an unknown object.

The man swung back at the suspect in an attempt to get away but then heard a loud noise. He saw the suspect pointing a "chrome" gun at his foot. The suspect fled the scene in the S-10 after taking the man's wallet. The wallet had $2-$3 and an identification card.

The man said he walked as well as he could toward Howard Johnson Express Inn where he was currently staying. While walking, a white Mercedes pulled up beside him. A woman sitting in the passenger seat rolled down her window and told him he was shot in the foot. The two in the Mercedes transported the man to Cartersville Medical Center at the Emergency Room entrance.

Boyfriend arrested for kidnapping and battery

An officer was dispatched to the Bartow County Sheriff's Office Thursday night at 11:24 p.m. to meet a woman in reference to kidnapping and battery.

According to the woman -- after receiving a phone call from her boyfriend she went to his house to help him with a situation. The boyfriend explained this situation and the woman went inside the house into a bedroom to talk to another female about what had happened in said situation. She locked the bedroom door behind her.

According to the woman, the other female was drunk and she called boyfriend's son about the female being drunk at the man's house. Her boyfriend overheard the conversation and busted into the bedroom door.

Based on the woman's account:

The boyfriend grabbed her by the throat and carried her outside while choking her and saying 'You thought you passed out the last time you gonna pass out this time; enjoy your last breath of air.' He threw her to the ground and started to hit her head. She ripped his shirt on her way to the floor. She scratched his face to stop him. Her boyfriend put her in a headlock and carried her to the garage. The woman couldn't breathe; she bit his side. He dropped her but was livid -- hitting her head against the floor.

The next thing the woman said she remembers is being inside the house searching for her things as to leave. As another man arrived to pick up the other female, the woman slipped out of the house.

After hearing the woman's account, the officer went to the incident location and spoke to the boyfriend who gave a similar statement except in that the woman and the other female had been fighting. He said he was trying to keep them apart. However, the officer noted that the man contradicted his statement by saying the other female was so drunk she had to be carried out of the house since she could not stand.

The officer observed damage to the bedroom door and the appearance of a struggle in the house. He found the woman's injuries and clothing were consistent to her statement. The man had scratch marks on his face and slight discoloration on his rib cage possibly where he was bitten. The officer was unable to contact the other female despite several attempts by phone.

Based on the statements made and all the physical evidence, the officer placed the boyfriend under arrest for kidnapping and battery.

Arrest made in the robbery of the Adairsville Supermarket

On Thursday at around 7:20 p.m., officers from the Adairsville Police Department responded to a robbery report at the Adairsville Supermarket. A man had entered the business and snatched over $400 from a counter.

According to Chief Robert Jones, a lookout was given to the patrol division and the suspect was located by a patrol officer. The officers recovered the stolen money and arrested the suspect -- Clarence Paul Richards of Adairsville. During an interview with Adairsville police officers Richards admitted to the robbery.

Jones commends all the officers involved in this investigation and stated that the quick response by the patrol division is what solved this case.

Richards was being held at Bartow County Sheriff's Office jail pending bond.