@White=[C] Adairsville state of emergency extended to March 6
by By Jason Lowrey, jason.lowrey@daily-tribune.com
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With the Adairsville City Council’s approval during its Thursday night meeting, the city’s state of emergency will extend until March 6. City Manager Pat Crook said the extension would allow the state of emergency to expire at the same time as the city’s ordinance against price gouging, which was approved during an emergency Feb. 4 meeting.

Crook said a second reason for extending the state of emergency was the acquisition of state aid and resources. She said she was unsure if the city would need any further assistance and she wanted to keep the option open of acquiring additional aid.

After the council’s vote, it heard from Vivian West, who lives on Cherry Street. She informed the council that two Adairsville Police Department officers entered her home on the evening of Monday, Feb. 11. While West said she saw two vehicles in her driveway — one of which she identified as a police vehicle — she said believed it was a traffic stop.

At some point West said she was moving through the residence and when she turned a corner in a hallway, she came face-to-face with the two Adairsville officers. One of them, she said, was holding a flashlight and had his hand on the grip of his pistol, but it was not drawn.

West said the officers told her they were on a welfare check for a Cherry Street address. When they told her the address, she said it was next door. As she spoke to the council, West said she has an autistic child who would have been very upset at the sight of two policemen in her home.

West also said she was very concerned that the officers were in her home without her permission and that one of them had his hand on the grip of his weapon. She then asserted she never received an apology from the department.

Adairsville Police Chief Robert Jones said after the meeting that both of his officers apologized to West and, when she visited the APD the next day, he apologized to her as well for the officers having the wrong address. Jones said the officers did knock on the residence’s door, and that the door opened when they knocked on it. Since the door was open during a welfare check, Jones said the officers were required to enter the residence and check on any occupants in order to ensure their safety. Jones added the officers did announce themselves when they entered the residence.

The council then heard from Ken Miller, who asked if the council knew why the Adairsville Library was no longer open on Saturdays. Crook said she had been unable to investigate the matter as she had been busy with tornado cleanup and rebuilding. Miller then urged the council to support the library being open on Saturdays.

Other city council business included:

• Approving the addition of optional Georgia building regulations to the city’s building codes.

• Approving the 2013 to 2017 short-term work program.

• Approving the purchase of property on Hall Station Road in the sum of $160,000.

• Authorizing signers Robert Jones and Paula Fouts for the APD’s transit and auxiliary funds. The transit fund was then combined with the auxiliary fund.

• Approving a malt beverage retail license application for Cowboys Food Mart, owner Sanjay Kumar.

The Adairsville City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for March 12 at 7 p.m. at city hall.