White City Hall repairs to begin immediately


The White City Council met in emergency session Thursday to tackle immediate repairs needed on City Hall.

"The engineers were here Tuesday," said Mayor Kim Billue. "They were here for five hours and must have taken a thousand pictures"

And their warning was clear — parts of the building were dangerous and needed to be addressed immediately.

"They were sent from our insurance company," Billue said. "I lost count how many times he used the words 'hazard' and 'immediately.'"

The biggest issue were the columns — stones seemingly stuck into cement — at the entrances to the building.

"He said he didn't care what we did — either remove or replace the stones — but the stones had to go," she said. "He said if one fell and hit somebody and we had been told to remove them and we hadn't, it would be on us."

The second issue, although not as immediate as the stones, were the windows.

"He said the windows are the only thing holding up the building," Billue said, "When they were installed, they were never reinforced."

City Hall is insured by the Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Agency, a part of the Georgia Municipal Association, but the city is on its own at least for the immediate future due to shoddy construction by the original contractor, Bailey Construction.

The city must shell out nearly $30,000 to repair the stone columns before even tackling the windows.

The council voted unanimously to hire Michael Parker Construction of Waleska to begin work as soon as possible.

"We have to move on this immediately," Billue said. "We can't waste any time."