White City Hall gets exterior facelift


Back in April, the White City Council met in an emergency session to decide when to begin repairing City Hall.

"A few days earlier, engineers had come to inspect the building," Mayor Kim Billue said. "They were here for five hours and must have taken a thousand pictures"

The warning was clear — parts of the building were dangerous and needed to be addressed immediately.

The biggest issue were the columns — stones seemingly stuck into cement — but they supported practically nothing.

"He said he didn't care what we did — either remove or replace the stones — but the stones had to go," Billue said. "He said if one fell and hit somebody and we had been told to remove them and we hadn't, it would be on us."

On Monday, three months later, a crowd gathered at City Hall for a victory lap of sorts. 

Wielding some downright dangerous-looking shears, Billue snipped the red ribbon and City Hall, once again was open for business

But that doesn't mean it's all over. 

The second issue, although not as immediate as the stones, are the windows.

"The engineers told us the windows are the only thing holding up the building," Billue said, "When they were installed, they were never reinforced."

Following the ribbon cutting, the White City Council met and:

• Approved a floodwater ordinance.

• Approved an ordinance to add W. Rocky Street to the no truck ordinance.

• Approved a resolution to adopt Bartow County building permit fees.

•  Tabled a resolution to begin work on the windows

• Swore in a new officer — the four-legged kind — a German Shepherd K9 named Nero.