No arrests, but two injuries reported in crash

Vehicle collides into downtown Cartersville business


A Cartersville Police Department spokesman told The Daily Tribune News that no arrests have been made in the wake of a downtown Cartersville accident on Tuesday afternoon that involved an SUV crashing into the storefront of a local bakery.

"The crash report's not completed yet, but there were two transported with non-life-threatening injuries," said City of Cartersville Police Department Capt. Mike Bettikofer.

Sometime between noon and 1 p.m. a black Honda sports utility vehicle struck the entrance of Agan's Bakery at 141 West Main St.

While that vehicle indicated substantial damage — to the point its airbags deployed — the storefront itself appeared to have sustained only minor damage. The vehicle may have been totaled, but the collision didn't even shatter the glass on the longtime Bartow business' doors.

By 1 p.m. City of Cartersville Fire Department personnel were on the scene for inspections, while tow truck operators swept up the remaining debris from the sidewalk.

"No fires were reported, but I'm not sure about any kind of structural damage," Bettikofer said.

Accounts of how the collision transpired vary. For the time being, Bettikofer said the City is awaiting more information from a crash report, but did confirm that the accident involved at least three vehicles.