Taylor renews voestalpine abatements


The Austrian manufacturer of steel automobile products, built a 50-million euro facility in the Highland 75 industrial park in 2012 and has expanded twice.

“voestalpine has a 15 year declining abatement agreement that was executed when they moved to the industrial park,” County Administrator Peter Olson said. “With each phase, the abatement starts over. It’s about a $20 million investment per phase that adds about 50 jobs with each phase. This is the fourth and fifth building out there so that translates into about 250 jobs overall. Potentially they want to add five more buildings so it has been a great partnership for the industrial park.”

County redevelopment coordinator Patrick Nelson updated Taylor on the adoption of an urban redevelopment plan for the Allatoona Community/Glade Road corridor.

“The urban redevelopment plan was done by the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission,” he said. “It’s kind of a guide for the county to use as that area grows and improves. The regional commission offered lots of recommendations and tools that we can use for planning.”

Nelson said the county’s recent intergovernmental agreement with Cartersville creating a land bank would help immensely in getting rid of blighted areas. Land banks are quasi-governmental agencies created by counties or municipalities to manage and repurpose underused, abandoned or foreclosed properties.

“Land banks let us remove blighted or abandoned properties and encourage investments in the area. It allows us to address these blights and offer affordable housing in its place,” he said.

In other business, Taylor:

The county commissioner will hold a regularly scheduled public meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017 at 10 a.m. in the Commissioner’s Conference Room, Frank Moore Administration and Judicial Building 135 W Cherokee Ave.