Taylor approves intergovernmental agreements


Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor's public meeting Wednesday was short and to the point.

County Administrator Peter Olson introduced an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Cartersville to repave Douthit Ferry Road.

"Douthit Ferry Road four-laning has been a high priority for the city for a number of years," he said. "But  there hasn't been any funding to do it. They have it listed as a project on their 2020 SPLOST, but the pavement is coming to pieces out there now and, since half the road is a county road, we are going to go ahead and pave it and they will contribute their portion that's in the city. We hope to get that done this summer when school is out."

Taylor approved the request.

Olson also presented a request for an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Bartow County Sheriff's Department to station a K-9 deputy at Cartersville High School.

"After the Parkland shooting and other events, the Cartersville school system wanted  more security," he said. "So they are going to pay for a deputy and a K-9, that is also an explosive detecting dog — in addition to the school resource officer."

The request was approved.

Patrick Nelson, chairman of the Bartow-Cartersville Land Bank announced that the bank would soon be operational.

"The Land Bank is an intergovernmental agreement between the city and the county to be able to acquire and sell tax delinquent properties and problem properties that are no longer marketable," he  explained. "The Land Bank tries to buy non-tax producing properties and get them back to a point that they are tax-producing. By using the Land Bank, you can buy and sell properties more like a private entity, without being encumbered by the bid process that cities and counties have to go through. Investment money from the city and county is now available to get the bank accounts established so it can begin operations."

In other business: Taylor:

• Approved an updated agreement for Cartersville Medical Center to provide non-emergency transportation from the hospital.

• Approved a request to shift $700,000 from a Georgia State Road Tollway Authority grant to begin phase 1 of the Cass-White Road project.

• Approved an agreement with GDOT to perform additional mowing at the Clarence Brown Center.

• Approved four re-zoning requests.