Murder trial resumes Tuesday


With both sides resting, the murder trial of two men will resume Tuesday morning after the court suspended proceedings for the holiday weekend.

Arrick Deandrae Camps and Bernard Mario Dixon face homicide charges in the shooting death of 36-year-old Robert Ashley Carr. Carr was found face-down outside Woodright Industries off Highway 411 about 6:45 a.m. April 7, 2015. He had been shot multiple times at close range with a small-caliber handgun.Two co-defendants in the case — Stephanie Gardner and Elizabeth Morgan Kelley — testified against the two men this week under immunity deals. The two women had been charged with party to the crime of felony murder.Defense attorney Dan Morgan questioned Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jonathan White on Thursday if he would advise the court that the two women “helped the state make its case” and, therefore, ask for a reduced charge or leniency.“... It takes a big person to be honest and tell what you did and what you did wrong. I think if someone is willing to sit down and tell me in an interview that they did wrong and that this was their part in it — it takes a big person,” White said.“It takes a big person? Elizabeth Kelly didn’t say, didn’t give you any indication that she was involved in this until after she’d given an interview saying she had nothing to do with it. Then she comes back in and gives an interview, or she wants to give an interview but she wants to have a lawyer there. You try to discourage her from having a lawyer, and then nine days later, she comes in and makes an admission and [implicates] these two young men. Are you saying that’s a big person?” Morgan asked.“She was willing to admit her wrongdoing,” White said.“But is she? Is she admitting her wrongdoing? She and Gardner both have tried to excuse their actions and minimize their actions, haven’t they?” Morgan asked, saying the two were trying to “point the finger at other people to minimize their involvement.”Gardner testified this week she had been with Camps and Dixon in Marietta on April 6, 2015. About 6 or 7 p.m. Gardner said she received a message through Facebook from Rebecca Dover about “a lick,” a term meaning to make money in a short amount of time usually through robbery.“She told me she had a lick, and then she changed it and said it wasn’t really a lick, it was an easy way to get money,” Gardner testified, adding Dover said it wasn’t “stupid or dangerous or something along that line.”Testimony this week painted a picture of drug use and prostitution, and pointed to robbery as a motive in the shooting.Defense attorneys maintain Camps and Dixon were not in the area long and no murder weapon has been recovered.Dover also was charged with felony murder in the case.Court will resume at 9 a.m. Tuesday with closing arguments in Judge Suzanne Smith’s courtroom A.