JDAs approve purchase and sales agreement for Constellium


The first and second JDA met Tuesday to discuss the purchase and sales agreement for Constellium to begin building on several lots at the Highland 75 Industrial/Corporate Park.The first JDA had a few details to discuss before the discussion of the park, including re-appointing officers to the board and switching two members’ job titles. Assistant Secretary Ladonna Jordan of the first JDA and Assistant Treasurer Larry Holt, also of the first JDA, will be switching job titles and responsibilities. All other members were re-appointed to their current board titles.Next on the agenda was the discussion of the company Constellium, who would be purchasing 20 acres in the new Highland 75 Park from Seefried Industrial Properties. Constellium is a global producer of aluminum and is based out of Amsterdam. The company expects to hire around 150 people in the community over the next five years.The first JDA discussed the success of the select timbering process in the first phase and made a motion to construct a new agreement allowing five more lots to have the same timbering done. They hope to have all of the lots on the property select timbered in the future.“This is not clear cutting,” said Cartersville-Bartow County Economic Development Executive Director Melinda Lemmon. “It is select timbering process, which is respectful of the development process, so there is about a 12 tree per acre average so it is really cleaned up and looks really good.”The second JDA came to order and discussed the same items, but needed to decide whether or not it would sign off on the purchase of the lots from Seefried Industrial Properties and then allow Constellium to begin construction on their new facility on those lots. The new company estimates to spend around $31.5 million on the construction of the building with $35 million being the maximum, beginning as soon as a gravel road is available for the building location.“Seefriend and Constellium will be doing joint-bond issues up to around $31.5 million for building and equipment,” said City Attorney David Archer.Constellium hopes to be up and operational by as early as Sept. 1, 2016. The second JDA discussed the motion of the purchase and sales agreement of the property being purchased by Seefried and sold to Constellium for the construction of their new facility and the motion was approved.The next JDA meeting will be held at noon on Feb. 16.