Fox set to play softball for Agnes Scott


Sarah Fox's name will officially join the list of former Cass softball players who went on to play collegiately once the recently graduated senior pulls on her Agnes Scott uniform for the first time.

Fox signed with the Scotties in May after contemplating her future for quite some time. Until the opportunity at Agnes Scott came up, Fox was stuck between deciding to play at Blue Mountain College in Mississippi or attend nearby Reinhardt and give up softball.

The Scotties, based in Decatur, offered the best of both worlds.

"I was honestly very excited when she offered me," Fox said of Agnes Scott coach Kerry Busby. "I would like to visit more places, but staying close to home is where it is. I'm really excited to play."

Fox also said she's looking forward to hopefully playing exclusively at her favorite position — shortstop.

Having the talent to play anywhere on the field, she often plugged in wherever needed for her travel team. At the high school level, Fox mostly played shortstop and catcher, but she's excited to spend most of her time at her second "home."

"That's where I first started," Fox said of shortstop. "That's always been kind of home for me. I've always loved playing there. Any other place is good, but that's really where I'm best at."

Even if she'll only be playing shortstop, which she has an excellent chance to start at for the Scotties, Greg Hight believes she has all the necessary skills to make a massive impact on her team.

"Sarah is a very good player," the Cass coach said. "She's a hardworker. She can catch, she can play infield, she can play the outfield, good stick, good arm [and] good speed. She's I guess what you can call a five-tool player. She can do anything."

It took Fox a few years to reach that level, though. She made a huge leap forward between her sophomore and junior years. The real turning point seemed to come that summer when she played on Premier Fastpitch for Elisabeth Mercaldo.

"She probably got the chances she needed to really let her talent show," Mercaldo said of Fox. "We were playing at a higher level than she had been in the past. We're playing kids that were going to D-I schools, and she's having to compete with them and keep up with them. ... To even stay in the lineup, you had to work your butt off. That clearly showed through her perseverance and working that hard, going into her junior year made a huge difference."

Fox agreed, and it led to her hitting nearly .500 during a remarkable junior campaign.

"It was getting up into the higher level that made me realize I've got to step up my game if I want to keep my position," she said. "Some of the other girls on the Cass team, they were trying to get better too. We kind of all worked together and competed for that one spot. ... I had to keep training and playing my hardest to really keep that shortstop spot, and I guess that just brought out everything else."

Now, she'll have the chance to show she can hang onto the shortstop spot at Agnes Scott. Given the effort Fox put in over the past few years, just to get to this point at all, it would seem foolish to bet against her, seeing as her name will soon be joining a list of Cass softball success stories.

Maybe, hers will help motivate the next generation of Colonels.

"I think it was always her ambition to play at the next level,"  Hight said. "I think she came in as a freshman and looked up to some of the girls who did play at the next level, and she wanted to be a part of that. We have a thing we put up on our wall of the kids who have played at the next level. I think there's 20-25 kids on there from the last 15 years. To me, that pushes some of these kids who want to put their name up there."