Four Tigers named all-Region 6-AAA


The Adairsville High baseball team made some waves in Region 6-AAA this season, placing third in the standings and earning six wins against region teams that had records above .500.

The Tigers were rewarded for their season last week as four players were named to the all-region team.

Junior Sam Seaman was named as a pitcher and infielder, senior Hayden Morrow made the team as an infielder, senior Lane Griffith was honored as a catcher, and sophomore Kyler Pelfrey was one of 13 pitchers named to the team.

“That’s pretty good,” Adairsville head coach Billy Roper said of his team’s representation on the all-region team. “Sam, Hayden and Lane, statistically, they were up in the top 10 in every category. They represented us everywhere. And Kyler, as a sophomore, did a good job. His record doesn’t show it because he pitched a lot of tough games as a sophomore. But just by him getting chosen, that shows some of the respect that the region gives him.”

There were 30 players named to the all-region team, and Adairsville was one of three teams to have four representatives, while region champ Ringgold had five players.

While not listed on the team, Roper said Landon Howren, Noah O’Kelley and Orry Carter also had strong seasons.

“If you look at his stats, what everybody else was doing, I think they about got it right,” Roper said of the selections. “We had some guys, Noah O’Kelley, Orry Carter, they pitched some big games for us and had some wins or kept it manageable until we could get a closer in. So those guys did a great job pitching-wise. I think they played a major part in our season, but statistically, you may not see it when you’re going with everybody else. I also think Landon Howren had a good year. Statistically, it may not show it, but he did a good job leading off for us all year.”

No player of the year was named, although Roper would have predicted Seaman and Ringgold’s Devin Lancaster to be among the contenders.

Other players on the all-region team included, from Ringgold — Tyler Nichols, Nathan Camp, Andre Tarver and Rhett Baldwin; from Calhoun — Rhett Rogers, Jarrett Carden, Tanner Gallman and Ben King; from Sonoraville — Tyler Lyles, Ryan Goss, Chase Kirby and Maverick Curtis; from Coahulla Creek — Hayden Lock, Peyton Runion and Trent Collins; from Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe — Adam Wright, Andrew Brock and Logan Gruetter; from North Murray — Blake Davis, Brody Frazier and Nik Malchesky; from Murray County — Preston VanMeter and Wyatt Stuckey; and from Gordon Central — Gabe Soto and Dawson Cline.