Former Cartersville resident stars in ‘Full Count’


In late October, former Cartersville resident Victoria Staley will appear on the big screen, portraying Danielle in “Full Count.” The film was directed, written and executive produced by Robert Eagar, founder of Buckhead Film Group.

“I just really loved the production team,” Staley said. “Everyone seemed like so much fun to work with, and it was such a positive and eager group of people.

“I just really enjoyed playing around with the scenes in the audition room, and I knew that this would be a set that I could really try different takes on each scene and be able to experiment as an actor.”

Buckhead Film Group and Reel One Entertainment Worldwide announced earlier this month the film’s North American rights were acquired by Vertical Entertainment, and the movie’s U.S. theatrical and video-on-demand release is set for Oct. 25. 

According to a news release, “‘Full County’ tells the story about an unfortunate chain of events that force a young baseball phenom to give up his dreams of playing college baseball and return home to the farm and town he fought so hard to escape. The feature film has already received a Dove Seal of Approval for its faith and integrity themes and content.”

Along with Staley, “Full Count” stars John Paul Kakos as the lead character, Milton Young; Natalia Livingston; E. Roger Mitchell; Adam Boyer; Rick Hearst; Afemo Omilami; and Jason London. Featuring primarily a local cast, the movie was filmed in Atlanta and Oconoee County.

“Danielle is the girlfriend of Milton, the movie's protagonist, Staley said. “She is a small town girl who has a deep rooted faith and proves to be a source of comfort for her boyfriend in his times of trouble. No matter what happens, she never loses faith and never stops encouraging Milton to stay rooted in those that love him.

“I really enjoyed playing such free-spirited and joyful young lady. It reminded me a lot of my early high school years and the innocence of young love. The main challenge filming this was filming outdoors. It was pretty hot out there some of the days we were filming and there was quite a few bugs. I am also afraid of chickens, and there were chickens on the farm — I tried to keep my distance.”

Currently residing in Atlanta, the 23-year-old was raised in Bartow County, attended Cartersville High and — due to pursuing an acting career — was homeschooled when she graduated.

“Starting at 8 years old, acting has been a lifelong passion of mine,” Staley said. “I have had the blessing of guest starring on major network television shows on networks, like NBC, TBS, Cartoon Network and UP.

“I starred in seven episodes of BET's No. 1 hit series ‘Being Mary Jane’ as the show's antagonist as well as starring in faith-based films, like ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ based off of the life of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim in the Columbine shooting. I am very thankful to Robert Eager and the rest of the production team for their belief in my talent and trusting me with playing the character of Danielle.”