Euharlee council considers a waterpark


An interactive water park at Euharlee’s Osborn Park is the latest recreational proposal to cross the City Council’s agenda.

“We had a meeting back in 2014 and discussed the idea of a waterpark here in Euharlee that would provide the same degree of entertainment as a community pool,” said council member Ronald Nesbitt. “At that time, the council was on board with the idea. I would like to propose that we consider reviving the idea with possibly something a little different than was originally planned.”

Nesbitt said he sought the advice of City Manager James Stephens who suggested letting the city vote on it via an online survey using “Survey Monkey,” on either the city’s web page or a Facebook page.

Nesbitt also proposed financing the project through a fund-raising campaign.

“As far as costs, it could vary from $150,000 to $170,000,” he said. “I think we will be surprised at the amount of positive feedback we will get. It might also act as an incentive for people to move into the city.”

“Let me clarify something,” Stephens said. “This vote would not be an official vote.”

Council member David Duncan asked where he proposed building the water park.

“At the Osborne Park tennis courts,” Nesbitt replied.

“You do know the middle school uses those tennis courts, don’t you?” council member Joe Turner asked.

Nesbitt replied that he did, leading Duncan to quip “if you put that on the Facebook page that you’re going to do away with those tennis courts, you’ll definitely be getting some feedback.”

Resident Fred Werner also voiced his objection to the idea.

“It’s a nice idea, but I have a problem funding another project when we still don’t know the financial impact of our other projects. I’m sure our grandchildren would enjoy it, but as a resident, we don’t know where we stand with the sewer system,” he said, referring to a proposed linkup with the Bartow County Water System. “I can’t see proceeding with another project when we haven’t made any progress on other projects. We don’t know the impact of the financial burden will be on residents from these other projects will be.”

In other business, the Euharlee council:

The Euharlee City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19, at 7 p.m. at city hall.