Budget amendment also approved for license plate readers

Emerson council re-ups rec facility lease

With just three items of business on the docket, the Emerson City Council blazed through Monday evening’s meeting in under four minutes. 

Since no one spoke at a public hearing on a proposal to de-annex Bevil Ridge Road, the council immediately hopped into a second reading of the item, which was approved unanimously.

From there, Emerson City Manager Kevin McBurnett turned his attention to the City’s Lake Allatoona recreational facility, which has a lease set to expire at month’s end. Council voted unanimously to approve the signing of a new lease, which would keep the facility in the City’s control for the next two decades.

“Twenty years ago, the City of Emerson entered into a lease agreement,” he said. “The lease expires March 31 of this year and this lease is another lease for 20 years for the facility, at no cost to the City … other than we have to certify it every year and make sure the water and sewer is running to keep it in good shape and offer it for public use.” 

McBurnett said the terms of the lease are more or less the same as they were before, albeit with a few  extra provisions covering the municipal government in case parties accuse the City of "not being fair" or following particular processes.

“They did add in a few federal laws that have been put in there," he said, "but outside of that, nothing’s changed."

Council also voted unanimously to adopt a budget amendment/capital outlay resolution that would shift funding for the police department to purchase new license plate readers.

“The police department uses license plate readers for the patrol cars, or specifically, one patrol car at this time," McBurnett said. "That license plate reader has exceeded its life and it’s time for an update." 

Continuing, McBurnett said the amount needed to purchase the new police department equipment is roughly $15,000.

“The current budget has contingency funds sitting in the administrative section of the general fund,” he said. "We have received the quote from the manufacturer, we have it in hand and we’re working towards that.”