Council also hears first reading of proposal to de-annex Bevil Ridge Road

Emerson council approves new conditional use permit for proposed RV park


With just three items on the agenda, the Emerson City Council blazed through Monday evening’s meeting in barely two and a half minutes.

Since no one spoke at a public hearing before new business was taken up for consideration, the council hopped straight into the second reading of a new conditional use permit application for a proposed 56-acre recreational vehicle (RV) park that would be constructed along the Etowah River.

While the council unanimously approved a conditional use permit for the development — which, according to LTB Holdings LLC President Todd Baldree, would consist of a campground with about 270 lots off Joe Frank Harris Parkway — in late January, the applicant reapplied for a new conditional use permit shortly thereafter.

“The reason they’re coming back is because they were given a five-year term on their conditional use permit, which is not uncommon,” said Emerson Assistant City Manager Todd Heath at a Feb. 11 council meeting. “However, they’re developing all the land, and it’s going to require them to seek out funding of approximately $10 million, and no one’s going to give them a loan on a permit with an expiration of five years.” 

As the case with all City zoning requests, the application had to go through two planning commission and city council hearings before the council could vote to approve the measure.

“I will make a motion that we do not put a time limit on the conditional use permit,” Councilman Donnie Bagwell said at Monday’s meeting. The council subsequently voted unanimously to approve the conditional use permit — without an expiration date — for the estimated $12 million project.

The council also heard the first reading of — but took no action on — a proposal to de-annex Bevil Ridge Road. 

Councilman Vincent Wiley asked why the road, which juts off Old Old Alabama Road and connects with Puckett Road, was being considered for de-annexation. Emerson City Manager Kevin McBurnett gave a frank response. 

“I can’t answer that question myself without [Heath] here,” he said. “I know it has to do with the land locking of the property.”