Bartow sees red


Braving long lines and intermittent rain showers, Bartow voters turned out en masse — 58.3 percent — to ensure the county remained red.

"The longest wait I heard about was 45 minutes," elections supervisor Joseph Kirk said. "But our facilities are the size they are, we have the facilities that we do, and that's the best we can do for now. But I want to commend my staff and volunteers for their hard work on a very strenuous day."

 At the state level, the race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacy Abrams was tight with the difference between them seldom exceeding two percentage points once the precincts reporting reached above 80 percent.  At press time, the race was still too close to call. 

Not so in Bartow. 

With 100 percent of the 16 local precincts reporting, Kemp steamrolled Abrams 76 to 22 percent. Likewise for the Lt. Governor's spot with Republican Geoff Duncan beating Democrat Sarah Riggs Amico 76 to 23 percent.

Locally, Tony Ross defeated Larry Slocum 79 to 20 percent to win the District 1 Board of Education post while T.L. Eggart ran unopposed for the District 2 seat. Derrick Keeney retained his District three seat with a whopping 74 to 25 percent victory over Willie Coombs.

In the special election for Kingston City Council, Larry Posey was a 115 to 85 victor over Roxie Pritchett to fill the unexpired term of Posey's brother, Harold, who died in July.

Incumbent U.S. Congressman Barry Loudermilk easily bested his Democrat rival Flynn D. Broady 77 to 22 percent.

The District 14 State Senate seat was retained by incumbent Bruce Thompson of White with a 75 to 24 percent victory over Democrat Rachel Kinsey while incumbent Chuck Hufstetler of Rome defeated Evan Ross 78 percent to 21 percent to retain the District 52 seat.