Department of Public Health inspector gives Cartersville establishment a 65

Dunkin’ Donuts posts failing food score


The Dunkin’ Donuts establishment at 101 Gentilly Blvd. in Cartersville became the fourth Bartow County restaurant this year to receive an unsatisfactory score from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) after posting a grade of 65 out of a possible 100 following an inspection Monday.

DPH inspector Sara Locklear counted up 14 code violations during the March 11 inspection. Among other violations, she wrote that the person-in-charge (PIC) “lacks awareness in key areas of risk factor control or good retail practices” and could not verify a ServSafe certificate for the facility. 

As a result, the establishment has 60 days to either hire a new ServSafe-certified employee or have a current employee become ServSafe-certified. 

Locklear also wrote that she observed “no proof that employees are aware of their responsibility to report specific illnesses to the PIC.” As corrective actions, she provided the employees with a new employee health policy and ordered the establishment’s PIC, managers and certified food safety manager to be “properly trained or retrained.” 

The inspector said employees at the restaurant were not following plans and procedures “pertaining to date marking of donut fillings,” adding that she also observed “potentially hazardous milk stored past its expiration date.” 

Elsewhere, Locklear reports that the restaurant did not have any paper towels near a hand sink near its kitchen or dish washing area; rather, she said employees were using the hand sink to improperly store dishes.

Locklear wrote that she observed a container of bleach cleaner stored “touching [a] box of coffee lids,” also noting several employees in the kitchen area were not wearing hair restraints.

She also said she witnessed one employee touch a cell phone, then use a “tissue paper square” to bag donuts without first washing his or her hands. Locklear also wrote that she observed a sanitizer bucket placed on a preparation counter, above forks and “other single service utensils.”

Other violations noted include employees failing to store scoops handle side up in a container of sesame seeds, as well as “ice caddies and grates at [the] cream machine not cleaned at a frequency necessary to maintain surfaces clean to sight and touch.”

The inspector also said the nozzles on the restaurant’s cream machine, as well as the inside of its ice machine, were not “cleaned at a frequency necessary to maintain food contact surfaces clean to sight and touch.” Management at the restaurant was ordered to correct the last two violations before a re-inspection scheduled today.

A full re-inspection of the restaurant is scheduled March 25. The establishment scored an 85 on its last inspection, which took place Oct. 2, 2018. The restaurant scored an 88 on an April 2, 2018 inspection.

Three other Bartow County restaurants have received unsatisfactory food service inspection scores in 2019. City Wings at 1135 North Tennessee St. scored a 63 on a Jan. 25 inspection, while Rancho Alegre Supermercado at 518 North Tennessee St. scored a 68 on a March 4 inspection. In Adairsville, Tigers Den Diner at 940 Highway 140 scored a 57 on a March 5 inspection.