Bids accepted for construction project until Jan. 10

County seeks U.S. 411 water main improvements in 2019


The Bartow County government is accepting bids for a Highway 411 water main construction project until Jan. 10.

The proposed project includes the creation of about 6,000 linear feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main and 250 linear feet of 20-inch steel casing jack and bore. Bartow County Administrator Peter Olson said the improvements will largely take place from Macedonia Road — "where the boat launch is, basically" — over to Carroll Slough Road before tying back into a loop.

The project, Bartow County Water and Sewer Department Superintendent Gene Camp said, will improve service for Bartow's westernmost customers — particularly, those residing in the Kingston and Euharlee areas.

"We have two dead ends over there, dead end lines, and we're putting that in to make a loop around the system," Camp said. "It'll impact the whole west end of the county."

The upgrades, Camp said, will improve both water quality and pressure.

"The intentions are to keep the flow of water fresh and circulate the water," he said. "And then to strengthen up the flow conditions."

Camp said he anticipates construction taking about two months. He tabbed the budget for the project at around $250,000.

"Construction costs have been jumping up over the last year or so for these projects," Olson said. "But our engineers tell us this is a current estimate, so we'll see … quite a few projects are going to bid and people are being surprised."

Olson said he expects the project is adding about a mile or so of new line to the county infrastructure.

"We've still got 60 or so miles, I think, of two-inch-main, so that was put in decades ago to provide basic water service to homes but it doesn't provide fire flow, for example," he said. "It's part of just the ongoing, continuous upgrading of the system — you try to take down a certain number of miles every year of substandard pipe and bring it up to a higher level."

After that Highway 411 water main project wraps up, Olson said there will be a major project on the north end of the highway "in a couple of years" to replace some PVC main with steel.

"The two big ones that are coming with the next SPLOST would be the several miles up U.S. 411 on the north side of town — near Pine Log and around Rydal and all of that — and then several miles along Old Alabama Road," Olson said. "That main running along Old Alabama needs improvement — the delay of the Old Alabama Road project delays the improvement of the water main, because you don't want to lay it and have to move it if they change the design of the road."

But with the design of the road project being finalized, Olson said he anticipates the county water department moving forward with the Old Alabama Road water main project shortly.

"So even though we're still fighting for funding on construction of that road, the water department's going to proceed based on the final approved design with that project as soon as they can," he said.