Cass player avoids major injury


The worst nightmare football coaches, players and parents can have is a player getting carted off the field with an apparent neck injury.

Fortunately for Cass, even though that happened Friday night to junior Zach Hall, Cass head coach Bobby Hughes reported that Hall avoided a major neck or spinal injury and is doing well.

Hughes said Hall is dealing with “concussion-like symptoms.”

“As far as any spinal chord injury, all that has been ruled out,” Hughes said. “He’s just sore right now. ... He’s moving around, hanging in there.”

Hughes did not know when the injury occurred as Hall came off the field on his own power. However, he was removed from the sideline on a stretcher while in a neck brace in the second half.

“We don’t know because he came off the field. It didn’t happen during a play and immediately there was something wrong. It happened when he was on the bench, so I can’t tell you exactly when or what happened,” Hughes said. “You try not to think about it, but it’s every coach’s fear in the back of your mind.”

The Cass faithful were understandably on edge watching Hall get carted off the field.

“There’s been a lot of texts, phone calls, asking for updates,” Hughes said. “I touched base with a bunch of [players]. We’ve been through a lot, so that worried them.”