Cartersville recruits’ phones blowing up


September 1 is an important date in college recruiting because it signifies when Division I schools can begin contacting recruits.

Cartersville’s Trevor Lawrence and Trey Creamer each received phone calls on the big day from big schools as their recruitments ramp up and they near decisions.

Lawrence has since received calls from Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan and “Michigan State a little bit.” Creamer said he’s received calls from Purdue, Colorado State, Georgia Southern and Michigan State, among others.

“I get a lot of phone calls and texts. It’s crazy,” Lawrence said. “But since I narrowed it down, probably only like three or four try to keep contact with me. So it’s not that bad.”

“I got a few calls Sept. 1,” Creamer said. “A couple of coaches talking to me about the upcoming game on Friday.”

Both Creamer and Lawrence had big games Friday against Calhoun, and they expect to make it to some big games for the prospective colleges in the near future. Creamer had a visit scheduled to Georgia Southern last weekend, but could not attend. He will visit that campus later in the season, but will go to Tulane this Saturday. He also may visit Maryland, Minnesota and Michigan State, and said, “As soon as I get the last official visit set up, I’ll end up making my final decision.”

Lawrence also said he may end up visiting a third school besides his top two of Georgia and Clemson.

“I’m definitely going to go to Georgia and Clemson,” he said, “and then probably one, maybe two other schools, but definitely those two.”

Senior outside linebacker and receiver Avery Showell, meanwhile, says he is locked in on Wake Forest, which he committed to on July 19.

“Nobody really called me [on Sept. 1]. Purdue asked for my number, so that was about it. I talk to Wake Forest almost every day,” Showell said. “They text me, DM me on Twitter, call me, either one of them every day. ... I’m going to try to get up there as soon as I can. But I’m trying to focus on the season right now, just trying to make it to the state championship.”

Creamer said Georgia Southern has been keeping in contact with him the most, but he was pleased to receive an offer from Michigan State on Aug. 11, a College Football Playoff team from a year ago.

“Georgia Southern, I’ve kept real good contact with them. Tulane, I talked to the coaches there. I’ve been talking to Michigan State on and off, but we keep in contact, which is exciting,” he said. “I would have to say Michigan State and Georgia Southern [are coming on the strongest]. Georgia Southern stays strong on me. Purdue is actually getting in contact with me more. ... I always liked Purdue, just knowing they kept in contact with me before. They sent me game invites day in and day out. I wasn’t able to make them because it’s kind of a far little trip. But now, I’ll be heading up there.”

Other Cartersville recruits also are garnering interest. Senior linebacker Sean Holton has three Division I offers from Davidson, Morehead State and Stetson. Senior cornerback and receiver Trase Fezzia has an offer from Miami (Ohio), while senior defensive lineman Brandon Wade has no offers yet, but is gaining interest. Senior center Dalen Curtis has no offers yet, but head coach Joey King said Curtis has been in contact with a school about playing fullback at the next level.

Cartersville’s college prospects got a chance to see their potential future teams play for the first time this year in the opening weekend of NCAA football. Lawrence said he watches Georgia and Clemson with a new perspective now that he is considering attending those schools.

“I watched both of them. It’s a little different. I’m looking for different stuff. I think they both looked really good. They both won, so that was good. First game of the season, it’s hard to tell what they’re going to do,” Lawrence said. “[I watch] just the type of plays they run, the people they have there, and who are going to be there when I go.”

For now, Lawrence and his teammates are focused on their game against Westlake Friday at Weinman Stadium.

“We’ve been watching a lot of film,” Lawrence said. “They’re really athletic and they’re pretty big, so it should be a good game.”