Cartersville cheer wins 2nd straight competition


The Cartersville cheer team hasn't been flawless, but the Canes have a perfect record through two competitions this season.

Cartersville followed up a first-place showing at Pepperell on Sept. 15 with another win over the weekend at Woodland. In the season-opening competition, the Canes bested Central-Carroll and Pickens. This past weekend they were victorious over Cedartown.

“We are very excited to win first place in the AAAA division two weekends in a row," Cartersville coach Breanna McDonald said. "Our girls have been putting in long hours to get where they are now and we are proud of the progress we have made so far. We can’t wait to see what the remainder of the season holds.”

Adairsville coach Kaylie Noe is also excited to see what her squad can achieve this year. The other local team to compete at Woodland on Saturday, the Tigers finished second to Calhoun in the Class 3A division. The week prior, Adairsville finished in first at Pepperell ahead of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe and Calhoun.

"Our first competition, we kind of just decided for ourselves that we wanted to do a clean routine," Noe said of the win at Pepperell. "We wanted to go out there, do the best that we could possibly do and not worry about any other teams. The girls have been working hard all summer, so we just wanted to go out there have clean stunts, good transition, all that stuff. Honestly, we didn't do the best showing that we thought the girls could do. We had a great warm-up, hit all their stunts and tumbling. I think they let their nerves get the best of them, but we still ended up winning, which we were very, very, very excited about. But the girls knew after that we still had a lot we needed to clean up and fix before we went to Woodland the next weekend. We set some goals for ourselves, comparing first comp to second comp, and really just wanting to clean things up. ...

"Although it still wasn't exactly where we want it to be, overall, it was a clean routine [at Woodland]. We definitely have a lot of improvement to do and a lot of hard work to put in, but we're excited to see what's going to happen this coming weekend."

Noe said her young group, which includes a huge crop of freshmen, will have its success determined by its mental abilities as much as its physical ones. The coach is looking at the positives of a group which can be molded.

Next up for Adairsville is a competition at Heritage this coming Saturday. Noe expects to have more "advanced skills" on display as the Tigers continue to show improvement.

"It's easy to know where we need to improve as far as skill sets go and performing the best routine, as a coach, that's easy to figure out," Noe said. "I think the bigger task is trying to figure out where these girls stood in their mental toughness and their work ethic. You can have theoretical situations in practice time and time again, but until you see them perform under that pressure, you never know. ... We definitely made some corrections from first comp to second."