John Henry Moore, 65, was out on bond for two 2016 felony cases

Bond revoked for man facing possible life sentence


A Cartersville man arrested for an alleged family violence incident late last month will spend the rest of 2018 behind bars. 

John Henry Moore, 65, was on bond for two separate cases, both of which involve violent felonies alleged to have been committed two years ago. He'd been indicted by a grand jury earlier this year on a slate of charges connected to a 2016 home invasion.

"He was arrested for the offense of terroristic threats, criminal damage to property in the second degree and battery on February 3, 2016," said Cherokee Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Brookshire at Tuesday morning's bond revocation hearing in Bartow Superior Court. "And he was indicted for the additional charge of aggravated assault on the November 2017 grand jury. That case is currently pending in our office."

Just months after that incident, Moore was arrested again, this time for aggravated assault. After being booked into the Bartow County Jail on July 1, 2016, Brookshire said he posted bond on July 13. 

In that case, a grand jury from last August's term indicted Moore on two counts of home invasion, one count of burglary in the first degree, one count of aggravated assault and three counts of aggravated battery. Brookshire said that case is expected to be arraigned next week.

Moore was arrested once more on Oct. 29 of this year — this time on charges of felony battery, third or subsequent offense against the same victim, according to Bartow County Sheriff's Office records.

"The victim is his current wife," Brookshire said. "This would essentially make three felonies that he's on bond for."

She said the State was particularly unnerved by the violent nature of those offenses. 

"In the first offense, it is alleged he hit the victim in the head with a chair and in the second offense, he entered the victim's home without permission, ended up beating him, breaking some ribs and his wrist," Brookshire continued. "He is a recidivist, he is looking at a life without parole sentence at this point." 

She requested that bond be revoked for Moore, and that the defendant remain incarcerated in the Bartow County Jail "pending a resolution."

Judge T. Neal Brunt granted the State's wishes.

"I"m going to revoke the bond and order there to be no bond on the new charge," he said. "I request the State move the case along as expeditiously as possible, if not, it can be re-petitioned at the first of the year for a bond."

Brunt also ordered the defendant to refrain from making any contact with his spouse.

Moore's attorney Arnold Ragas argued that his client's bond should not be revoked. Rather, he said the proper "graduation" would be the judge issuing just the no-contact order between the defendant and his wife.

"If you look at all the offenses, there is a common denominator, and that common denominator is his wife," Ragas said. "There is no argument about the toxicity of their relationship — but the spirit of the law is to impose the least amount of sanctions as possible. There should be, to some degree, a graduation of sanctions imposed upon a person before graduation of sanctions that are there to ensure a person's return to court."

Continuing, Ragas said the defendant does not pose a flight risk and regarding the 2016 charges, "he has maintained his innocence since day one."

Brookshire noted the home invasion charge had nothing to do with the defendant's wife. 

"The victim of the home invasion wasn't Mrs. Moore, it was a gentlemen who was elderly," she said. "He broke into his house and basically beat the tar out of him."

According to a bill of indictment, Moore allegedly used a stick-like object to strike the victim, who is over the age of 65. The same document states the victim was beaten until his right ulna, left hand and at least one rib were rendered "useless."

Court documents indicate Moore entered a negotiated plea of guilty to two counts of simple battery on February 10, 2015, for his part in what police described as a family violence incident at the Bartow Motel on November 17, 2013. 

Per those documents, Moore was sentenced to 12 months for striking one male victim and holding down a female victim in "an insulting and provoking nature."

Moore briefly spoke at the revocation hearing. He told Brunt that he didn't initiate contact with the victim during the Oct. 29 incident and accused Brookshire of engaging in a "witch hunt" against him.