Judge lessens amount for releasing Colby Sharod Dyer, 26, by $25,000

Bond reduced for accused child molester


A judge reduced bond for a Cartersville man accused of committing sex crimes against his underage sister in Bartow Superior Court Tuesday, lowering the amount required for Colby Sharod Dyer to be released from custody from $75,000 to $50,000.

Dyer, 26, was arrested on Nov. 8 on charges of aggravated sexual battery and two counts of aggravated child molestation. Cherokee Judicial Circuit Senior Assistant District Attorney Sharon Fox said Dyer is accused of sexually abusing his 14-year-old sibling "in a one-time incident in Bartow County."

Bond was initially set at $75,000 at a hearing in late November. "These are serious charges. The fact that he's done this to his sister is not taken lightly by the State," Fox said. "We do believe [$75,000] is a reasonable bond."

By the time of the bond reduction hearing, Fox said the defendant had been in pre-trial detention at the Bartow County Jail for roughly 60 days. "I have not indicted the case," she said, "but in this particular situation, we haven't missed the 90-day marker, either." 

Dyer's attorney Stephen M. Reba asked Georgia Superior Court Senior Judge Shepherd L. Howell to reduce bond to $40,000.

"I would point out, your honor, that my client has not been able to pay the $75,000 bond. His family does not make that much money, they can't come up with that much money and one of the factors that we're allowed to look at is the ability to pay and the ability to post a reasonable bond," he said. "He does have children that he is supporting, the victim is all the way across the country, he's not a risk to intimidate that victim or any witnesses. He has no record whatsoever. I believe he's a good candidate for a reduced bond."

The alleged victim in the case, Reba said, is currently residing in Utah. He added that he does not consider the defendant to be a flight risk.

"He has family ties to the community," he said. "They will ensure that he makes every court appearance. I believe there are conditions that can be established that will ensure he does appear for court."