Parkway Station Drive development tabbed at over $25 million

Bartow Planning Commission OKs rezoning for 188 townhomes


Members of the Bartow County Planning Commission voted unanimously Monday evening to recommend approval of the rezoning of about 16 acres along Parkway Station Drive from C-1 commercial to R-2 residential. 

Board members also voted unanimously to recommend approval of changing the property’s future land use classification from commercial to residential/mixed use. 

Harry White, a representative of Womack Family Development, Inc., said the applicant seeks to construct a townhome development on the property consisting of about 188 single-family attached-dwellings.

“The property lies in between Highway 41 and Felton Road on the south,” White said. “On the west and the south, which would also be Felton Road, there is residential — I think Beaver Trail, there are some residences on the west side all the way to Felton Road.”

Public access to the subdivision would be off Highway 41, with emergency access to the development located off Felton Road.

“It’s not going to increase the traffic load or count on Felton Road,” White said. 

Each townhome would have a footprint of about 1,400 square-feet, both upstairs and ground level, with two to three bedrooms.

Conceptual designs for the townhomes indicate a proposed density of 14.29 units per acre. The maximum building height for developments is set at 50 feet.

“The building coverage would be somewhere around 23.5% of the property, and green space would be over 17% of the property,” White said. “We feel like this would be a good transition from the residential to the commercial on the other side.”

According to a flow calculation report filed to the City of Cartersville Water Department by Alpharetta-based Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc., the proposed townhome development contains no amenities "which require water and/or sewer service, such as club house facilities, pool, irrigations, etcetera."

White said the size of the total investment would be about $25 million at full buildout. The homes, he continued, would be sold individually, most likely in the $150,000-$200,000 price range.

“These types of homes are affordable homes and are needed,” White said.

Nearby resident Tony Hamby, however, said he had some apprehension about the proposed development, particularly when it comes to drainage and fencing on the property.

“It don’t matter if they’re $600,000 homes, you’re going to have people that say ‘Well, it’s a shorter distance, let me cut right through here,’” Hamby said. “You can’t stop the stuff that’s going on around here and that’s my biggest concern.”

White, however, said there is no requirement that the proposed development have fencing in addition to a wooded buffer.

“It’s more than 25 feet,” he said. “What’s required by the R-2 zoning is that it be vegetated landscaped, and that’s what we intend to do.” 

Board member Richard Fox made a motion that a condition be placed on the rezoning request that a fence be constructed around certain portions of the development.

“I’m not saying build the fence around the whole thing, I’m just saying [build] the fencing where it touches the [neighboring] families’ property,” Fox said.

That motion was recommended for approval by a 5-2 vote, with board members Vicki Tate and Bryan Canty representing the nay votes.

Bartow County Steve Taylor is set to approve or deny the rezoning and land-use map modifications, with the recommended fencing conditions, at a public meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. today at the Frank Moore Administration and Judicial Center at 135 West Cherokee Ave. in Cartersville.