2 Cartersville men arrested for conspiracy to distribute meth


Two Cartersville men have been arrested in West Virginia and accused of large-scale conspiracy to sell methamphetamine.

Terrick Robinson, 33, and William Gregory Chappell, 31, are accused of conspiracy to repeatedly bring methamphetamine to West Virginia for redistribution.

Robinson and Chappell became targets of an ongoing investigation by local drug task forces near Clarksburg, West Virginia, when a state trooper investigated an incident involving a large amount of meth found in a hotel, according to an affidavit filed by police and obtained by  WVNews.

According to WVNews, the arrests were made after a multifaceted, multi-jurisdictional four-month investigation. Surveillance was conducted in a hotel that was indicative of drug trafficking.

Robinson reportedly would bring in the drugs, while Chappell, with guns, served as protection for Robinson, the drugs and the proceeds.

According to a court filing by Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Cook, obtained by WVNews, the men could face 10 or more years in prison if convicted.