Spratt works to support education through foundations
by Jason Lowrey
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For the past two years Sean Spratt has worked to improve education in Bartow County.

Spratt serves on the boards of the Etowah Scholarship Foundation and Bartow Education Foundation. He believes both boards are vital to helping students reach their goals and assist teachers in the classroom.

Spratt said his interest in education came from seeing the different levels of support teachers receive and how they must purchase supplies out of pocket, even when they are entrusted with educating the next generation. As a director for Wal-Mart, Spratt also believes he has a responsibility to be involved with civic organizations.

Name: Sean K. Spratt

Age: 35

Occupation: Have been with Wal-Mart for 15 Years and am a market health and wellness director. I oversee pharmacy and vision center operations for a 13-store market in the Metro Atlanta area.

Family: Married to Rachel for 12 years; two daughters, Amily (10) and Kinsley (9).

Education: 1996 Graduate of Cass High and veteran of the U.S. Navy

How long have you been involved with the Etowah Scholarship Foundation and Bartow Education Foundation?

A: A little over two years with both organizations.

What led to your involvement with education?

A: I became highly interested in education, specifically here in Bartow County when my daughters began their start into school. I saw immediately from talking to the educators the challenges that they face on a variety of fronts. The educators invest so much into the children and they work on extremely limited budgets. They get a varying degree of parental support (I wish every school event could have the parental attendance of Back To School night). I was so surprised to see how much out-of-pocket expense existed for the educators — we give our educators our most precious value in our lives, our children. It’s imperative as all parents we are involved.

I wanted to make sure that, as a parent, we took a huge investment in on any front in our girls’ school, class, events, etc. On a professional front, I feel as a leader in any organization you have to be civic, you have to be involved in the community and if we are not investing as leaders in education then we are doing a large disservice to the next generation of professional, trade skill, etc. that are the students of today.

What do you enjoy most about working with the scholarship and education foundations?

A: I am able to serve on boards with outstanding and caring individuals who all have the children and the educators at the top of mind. They give their time, their service, some have given their career towards children and education. Everyone works together for the greater good of OUR children and OUR educators here in Bartow County. When you see a young person receive a scholarship or an educator receive a grant it means a lot to them, it means a resource they now have to reach a goal they have been striving towards, it empowers them and it is powerful to watch.

In your opinion, what is the Etowah Scholarship Foundation’s biggest achievement?

A: It has been in our community since 1982 and has served over 4,000 students and has kept its primary focus for the past 30 years on serving the graduating students in our county. When you are a graduating senior and an organization gives you a scholarship, it means something. It means that someone has invested in you … and when you are a 17/18-year-old that means a lot. Some seniors have a very well laid out road for higher education in front of them after graduation, some do not. We help both of those students and help them on their road to higher education.

How do you feel the Bartow Education Foundation has impacted the community?

A: You cannot develop outstanding students without supporting our educators and that is what the Bartow Education Foundation does. It is led by one of the finest people I know, with Ms. Dot Frasier, who was my principal and modeled professionalism, student advocacy, and she cared. Now she works tirelessly with a board of outstanding individuals to provide grants and recognition programs for the educators In the classrooms every single day. A grant to an educator touches and motivates them and then cascades to a classroom of students, very powerful motion to watch.

If you had a dream job, what would it be?

A: A leader leading outstanding managers and associates inside the world’s finest retailer that has a clear mission to serve its customer and provide unbelievable opportunity for growth towards its associates.

What is your greatest achievement?

A: The relationship I have with my wife and my two daughters. These three ladies are the greatest gift and achievement I could ever wish or ask for.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A: Love movies. Like to learn back story of them, how they are made, trivia pieces, etc.

Do you have a personal motto?

A: Borrowed from Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

If you were to write your autobiography or memoirs, what would the title be?

A: Hey Now! The Story of Sean K. Spratt